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XProtect® Smart Wall.

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1 XProtect® Smart Wall

2 Advanced video wall product
Advanced video wall product for XProtect® Corporate Provides a complete overview Supports any number or combination of monitors regardless of manufacturer Runs on standard servers and displays Powerful situation management for control centers Provides a complete and instant overview of an installation Full integration with XProtect® Smart Client and the map function

3 Hardware independent Cost-efficient solution that is easy to deploy
Supports any number or combination of monitors regardless of manufacturer Runs on standard servers and displays

4 Improve response time Operators can focus on critical matters and coordinate response activities Multiple users can see the same view Define surveillance situations with specific incidents, nightshifts and focus areas

5 XProtect Smart Client control
Left monitor Center monitor Right monitor Operator’s XProtect Smart Client Cameras and complete views can be easily dragged-and-dropped into a view from a map or control pane, and the applicable monitor(s) are updated instantly Logical representation, including defined layout

6 Intuitive control with dynamic layout
Control by: Rules and events, Such as motion detection, input/output, integrated third-party applications, time and video analytics Manual definition Drag-and-drop cameras and views from XProtect Smart Client

7 Integral part of Management Client
XProtect Smart Wall is managed through the Management Client Views can be manually built and the number, size and position of monitors can be defined

8 Preset views and layouts
Users can define view presets to control the view layout (grid) or actual content/camera Preset layouts are populated through easy drag-and-drop of cameras

9 System components Analog cameras IP cameras Recording servers
Failover Analog cameras IP cameras Recording servers Management server (including SQL DB) Network storage Operators 360° cameras Detectors IP cameras with Edge Storage Audio devices Video encoders Camera networks Server network Event server System administration Business systems: Microsoft® Active Directory, etc. Remote locations Recording server Milestone Mobile server Web users Mobile users Milestone Solution Partner applications, such as video analytics Primary PTZ cameras Input/output devices Redundant cluster XProtect Smart Wall server XProtect Smart Wall

10 Optimizes hardware costs
Solution flexibility Ensures scalability Optimizes hardware costs Easy deployment XProtect Smart Wall displays XProtect Smart Wall server Standard deployment with one Smart Wall server per Smart Wall display One XProtect Smart Wall server can drive multiple monitors in the same, or different, XProtect Smart Walls Multiple XProtect Smart Wall servers can drive different monitors in the same XProtect Smart Wall

11 Licensing and system requirements
License included with XProtect® Corporate for free Add-on product for XProtect® Expert For detailed system requirements, visit our website:

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