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XProtect™ Smart Wall Advanced product option

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1 XProtect™ Smart Wall Advanced product option
Milestone's Smart Wall for XProtect™ Corporate is an advanced Video Wall product that through its unique flexibility and HW independence provides supreme situation awareness in larger surveillance centers and hence both higher efficiency and increased actionable response. Powerful situation management Smart Wall provides a powerful situation management that improves the efficiency in larger surveillance centers Seamless integration with XProtect Corporate Smart Wall is an add-on solution that integrates seamlessly with the XProtect Corporate surveillance platform and the Smart Client. HW Agnostic Being independent of any specific HW or network configurations, Smart Wall is a cost efficient solution that is easy to deploy.

2 Key Features – Smart Wall Option
Optional video wall application for XProtect Corporate 3.1 Requires separate license Hardware agnostic Intuitive layout builder Local view of monitor layout in Smart Client Presets for pre-definition of monitor layout and selection of cameras Intuitive drag-and-drop of cameras and views into the Smart Wall Dynamic control of monitor layout and content Rule engine can modify view content based on events like: motion detection, I/O, integrated, time, etc. Full integration with XProtect™ Smart Client and the map function

3 Smart Wall Helps You Gain instant situational awareness by assisting the surveillance operators in focusing on the important matters Meet defined surveillance situations in conjunction with specific incidents, nightshifts, focus areas, etc. Consistent present video content across multiple video walls and individual users using the Smart Client Increase operational efficiency

4 Operator’s Smart Client
Smart Wall Smart Wall Operator’s Smart Client Left Monitor Center Monitor Right Monitor

5 Operator’s Smart Client
Smart Wall Control Smart Wall Operator’s Smart Client Left Monitor Center Monitor Right Monitor Logical representation of the Smart Wall, including defined layout Cameras and complete views can easily be dragged-and-dropped into a Smart Wall view from map or control pane, whereby the applicable monitor(s) are updated instantly

6 The Smart Wall Concept Integral part of the XProtect Corporate's Management Client
Smart Wall management is a part of XProtect Corporate's management client A Smart Wall is designed in the Smart Wall builder Defines number, size and position of monitors For each Smart Wall one or several view presets can be defined that controls: View layout (grid) Actual content/camera Smart Wall presets layouts are populated through easy drag and drop of cameras

7 Intuitive Smart Wall Control
Dynamic control of Smart Wall layout and content Manual drag-and-drop of cameras and views into the Smart Wall Automatic based on rules Rule based control driven by events: Motion detection, I/O, integrated 3rd party applications, time, or video analytic events Layout control: Inserts a camera on a Smart Wall in a specific monitor and position Changes the layout of a Smart Wall monitor Sets all (or some) of the monitors in the Smart Wall to a predefined layout and set of cameras Individual Smart Client users can view Smart Wall views as a part of the available view selection Smart Wall can be used as an operator collaboration tool All user actions are subject to applicable user rights

8 Hardware Agnostic XProtect Smart Wall uses: Benefits:
Standard servers and displays, no special Video Wall hardware or network configurations required Powered by the Smart Client Benefits: Freedom in choose of hardware to best meet your needs Cost efficient solution Easy deployment Flexible and seamless scalability Any combination of monitors in one Smart Wall Any numbers of Smart Walls in the system Any physical location of the Smart Wall Actual Smart Wall client PCs requirements depends on number of cameras, resolution, FPS, etc. similar to the Smart Client Smart Wall Views decouples the video content from the physical Video Walls Total freedom: Multiple Smart Wall client PC can drive different monitors in the same Smart Walls One Smart Wall client PC can drive multiple monitors in the same, or different Smart Walls

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