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TVYLL Scorekeeper Clinic. Boys Lacrosse The field Positions Length of Play EquipmentPenaltiesScorekeepingTimekeepingReporting.

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1 TVYLL Scorekeeper Clinic

2 Boys Lacrosse The field Positions Length of Play EquipmentPenaltiesScorekeepingTimekeepingReporting

3 The Field


5 Positions Midfield  3 midfield players; primary function is to move the ball from the defensive zone to the offensive zone Attack  3 offensive players; generally best ball handlers Defense  3 defensive players; support the goalie and defend the goal Goalie

6 Length of Play  High School: 12 minute quarters  Youth boys: 10 minute quarters (U15/U13)  Youth boys: 8 minute quarters (U11)  Youth boys: 12 minute running quarters (U9)  Intervals: 2 minutes between quarters  Halftime: Youth 5 minutes, High School 10 minutes  Stop time – TVYLL (U11, U13, U15)  Running time – tournaments, special circumstances (U9 Division)

7 Boy’s Equipment Mouth guard: colored Protective cup Helmet Stick Protective gloves Shoulder pads Elbow/Arm pads Cleats (recommended)

8 Penalties Personal:  Usually the player is assessed a 1 to 3 minute penalty.  Examples: Cross checking, illegal body check, illegal stick, slashing, tripping, unnecessary roughness, unsportsmanlike conduct.  4 personal fouls or 5 minutes of personal time for U15/U13. 3 personal fouls for U11/U9.

9 Penalties Technical fouls  Usually: the player or team is assessed a 30 second penalty  Examples: illegal procedure, crease violation, screening, offside, pushing, stalling, warding off.

10 Penalties Releasable penalty  All technical fouls are releasable penalties; player is released when the offended team scores. Non-releasable penalty  Personal fouls in which penalty time is served in its entirety.

11 Serving Penalties Serving a Penalty  Serves the penalty immediately in front of the table. Allowed to move to field edge (front of the table) in the last 5 seconds Technical Foul  A foul called on a coach or goalie is served by the 1 st attackman, referred to as the “In home”.

12 Scorekeeping The “Table” Each team provides Each team provides  scorekeeper (1 or 2) and a spotter  Home team also provides the time keeper The “Table” is the 3 rd ref on the field  The coach is not the 3 rd ref and they should always be respectful of the table personnel  If problems occur talk with head ref at next stoppage of play (double horn if necessary)

13 Scorekeeping Duties  Accurate account of statistic of game  Verify score with Ref end of quarter  Oversee all activities occurring within table/substitution area.  Maintain an unbiased attitude in regards to the game  HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

14 Before the game… You should arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the game. Complete:  The roster for the home and away team, including players name and position  Do equipment check on time clock, horn and stop watches. Borrow timers from coaches.  Ensure proper field setup The Home scorebook is the official scoring device for the game.

15 Scorebook Player Stats Shots Shots Assists Assists Goals Goals Ground Balls (optional) Ground Balls (optional) Goalie Saves Goalie Saves  Penalties

16 Scorebook Team Stats F Face offs C Clears (optional) S Shots E Extra Man (optional) G Ground balls oals, assists: Running score bar  P enalties

17 Tips & Tricks You can use colored pencils to keep score. Separate color for each quarter Separate color for each quarter Use wooden or mechanical Use wooden or mechanical Use binder clips for your scorebook  Buy a dozen for ~ $2 Bring an extra stopwatch. Most phones have these built- in. All coaches have stopwatches, borrow 1 from each coach, before game, in-case you have a lot of penalties Don’t forget the chair! Recommend Director’s Chair

18 Timekeeper Game Clock  Stop Time: starts and stops with the officials whistle during a stop clock game.  Running Time: clock stops only when directed by an official. Penalty Clock  Starts and stops with the whistle unless running time is in effect.  Make contact with the player to let them know you are keeping time of the penalty.  Countdown at 5 to 10 seconds.  “Release” player when time has expired.  Do not release the player if play on the field is directly in front of the substitution box.

19 Timekeeper Horn  Sound horn at the end of each quarter  Sound horn during a dead ball situation to get the officials attention (double horn)  New** No more sideline horns allowed

20 Timekeeper Notify Officials  20 seconds left in each quarter  2 minutes left in the game  As requested by officials; they usually let the table know their requests for notification at the start of each game.

21 Reporting stats Youth League  Each team will submit their scores and stats into the TVYLL website.  We will go through this at the end of the presentation. Will need manager password to complete stats for team. High School  Home team is responsible for submitting the game score to the Idaho Lacrosse website and the Idaho Statesman

22 Presented by: Treasure Valley Youth Lacrosse League, Inc.

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