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KLOA Personal Fouls Meeting 3/12/12 Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association.

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1 KLOA Personal Fouls Meeting 3/12/12 Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

2 Personal Fouls Rule 5; Pages 51-58 More Serious in Nature than Technical Fouls 9 fouls Time Serving 1.1-3 minutes 2.Releasable/Non-Releasable 3.Depends on Severity and Intent Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

3 Personal Fouls 2012 Points of Emphasis 1.Players Calling Attention to Themselves After a Goal 2.Deliberately Grabbing the Ball with the Hand on the Faceoff 3.Illegal Checks 4.Equipment Inspections All have relevance to Personal Fouls Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

4 Personal Fouls - Classification Checks Cross Check/Illegal Body Check/Checks – Head/Neck Contact Tripping/Slashing/Unnecessary Roughness Equipment Illegal Crosse/Illegal Equipment Conduct Unsportsmanlike Conduct Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

5 Personal Fouls – Fouling Out New rule this year 5+ total minutes of personal fouls in the game = “disqualification” for that game Not an ejection Use “fouling out” terminology 5 minutes not 5 fouls Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

6 Personal Fouls - Ejection Deliberately striking or attempting to strike anyone Leaving the bench area during altercation Use of tobacco or smokeless tobacco Second non-releasable Unsportsmanlike Foul Flagrant Misconduct (as deemed by officials) Ejection = 3 minute non-releasable penalty PIAA On-Line Paperwork/Reporting required Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

7 Personal Fouls - Signals Know the Signals – Important Communication Utilize C-N-O-T (Color, #, Offense, Time) New Auxiliary Signal – Check to Head Signals 21 – Personal Foul – followed by: 22 – Illegal Body Check 23 - Slashing 24 – Cross Checking 25 - Tripping 26 – Unnecessary Roughness 27 – Unsportsmanlike Conduct 28 – Illegal Crosse 29 – Deep Pockets 30 – Illegal Equipment 31 - Ejection Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

8 Personal Fouls – Cross Check Using the handle/shaft of crosse between hands either by thrusting away from the body or extended from the body Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

9 Personal Fouls – Illegal Body Check Body Checking an opponent who does not have ball or not within 5 yards of ball Body Checking an opponent from the rear or at/below waist Body Checking an opponent who has any part of body other than feet on the ground Watch for players turning their back Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

10 Personal Fouls – Head/Neck Checks Initiation of contact to opponent’s head/neck with a cross-check, body or stick Spearing Point of Emphasis Non-Releasable – Recommended 2 minute Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

11 Personal Fouls – Illegal Crosse Illegal Crosse - 1-3 minutes non-releasable Deep Pockets – 1 minute non-releasable/can be fixed Altered Crosse – 3 minutes non-releasable/out of game/remains at table (Length/Head/Stuck in Pocket) A scores – inspection determines illegal crosse on scorer – goal disallowed; 1-3 minute non- releasable (if A2 – goal counts, enforce penalty) A scores – inspection requested/A adjusts stick – 1 minute Unsportsmanlike plus potential crosse penalty if found - goal disallowed Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

12 Personal Fouls – Illegal Equipment Point of Emphasis – stick checks (4x per game) should include all equipment End Caps and Handle Tape – not illegal; get fixed 1 minute non-releasable Holes in palm of gloves/No gloves B1 - No shoulder pads or arm pads (not cumulative – just 1 minute) No Mouthpiece Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

13 Personal Fouls - Slashing Swinging at opponent’s crosse or body with deliberate viciousness or reckless abandon May or may not include contact Watch reverse back checks/checks to the back Repeatedly striking glove = Slash Follow through on shot – No slash Slash or Brush – know the difference Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

14 Personal Fouls - Tripping A player may not trip an opponent with any part of his body or crosse Obstruction below waist with crosse, hands, arms, legs, feet Legal check – No trip Scooping loose ball – No trip Incidental contact (getting tangled up) – No trip Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

15 Personal Fouls – Unnecessary Roughness Excessive force/violence Actions to look for: Deliberate Avoidable Punching blow May be “technically” legal (e.g. body check, contact against screener) Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

16 Personal Fouls – Unsportsmanlike Conduct Arguing with officials Threatening, profane, obscene language or gestures Taunting Overt celebration (point of emphasis) Repeatedly commit same technical foul Verbal simulation of faceoff Deliberately failing to comply with playing rules Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

17 Personal Fouls – Enforcement Flag Down/Slow Whistle Drop Flag/ Verbalize “Flag Down” Continue Officiating until (Section 8, article 2) Enforce Penalty Goal Scored – goal counts/man down faceoff (penalty wiped out if technical foul) No Goal – restart at point of suspension or free clear; if in goal area – move laterally outside Note: Only restart in Goal Area is after timeout (either team) if ball has crossed endline (shot or out of bounds) and no violation has occurred Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

18 Personal Fouls – Simultaneous Fouls Fouls called on players of opposing teams during: – Live Ball – Dead Ball when sequence cannot be determined Play-On or Slow Whistle – If possessing team commits foul, immediate whistle Penalty Time – No Play-On or Slow Whistle – if all technical fouls they cancel – If possessing team commits only technical fouls, no time served – If possessing team commits personal foul, all players involved serve time – lesser time non-releasable for both Award Ball – If penalty time awarded, award ball to team with less time – If penalty time equal, award ball to team in possession at time of whistle or (if no possession) use AP Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

19 Personal Fouls – Simultaneous Fouls Situation – Loose Ball – B1 pushes A1 (play-on) – A1 then slashes B1 Ruling – Simultaneous – Team A entitled to possession – B1 – 30 seconds; A1 – 1 minute – First 30 non-releasable for both – Award to Team B Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

20 Personal Fouls – Simultaneous Fouls Situation – A1 possession – B1 slashes A1 – Flag Down – A2 interferes with B2 Ruling – Simultaneous Fouls – Blow whistle – B1 serves 1 minute; No time served for A – Award to A Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

21 Personal Fouls – Simultaneous Fouls Situation – B1 slashes A1, slow whistle – A1 scores – Immediately after whistle, officials discover A2 was offside Ruling – Goal disallowed – B1 serves penalty – Award to A Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

22 Personal Fouls – Simultaneous Fouls Situation – B1 commits personal foul – Slow Whistle – Team A scores – A1 commits technical foul Ruling – Not simultaneous – B1 serves time (1 minute); No time for A – Award to B Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

23 Personal Fouls – Simultaneous Fouls Situation – Loose ball – B1 goes offside – A2 pushes B2 Ruling – Simultaneous – Blow whistle – Fouls cancel – Use AP (since ball is loose) Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

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