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Meeting 2/24/13 Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association.

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1 Meeting 2/24/13 Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

2  Rule 5; Pages 51-59  More Serious in Nature than Technical Fouls  9 fouls  Time Serving 1.1-3 minutes 2.Releasable/Non-Releasable 3.Depends on Severity and Intent Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

3  2013 Points of Emphasis 1.Hits to the Head or Neck 1.Multiple Minutes – Non Releasable 2.An Extremely Violent violation of the rule can be Ejection Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

4  Checks Cross Check/Illegal Body Check/Checks – Head/Neck  Contact Tripping/Slashing/Unnecessary Roughness  Equipment Illegal Crosse/Illegal Equipment  Conduct Unsportsmanlike Conduct Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

5  Know the Signals – Important Communication  Utilize C-N-O-T-E (Color, #, Offense, Time, Ejection)  New Auxiliary Signal – Check to Head  Signals 21 – Personal Foul – followed by: 22 – Illegal Body Check 23 - Slashing 24 – Cross Checking 25 - Tripping 26 – Unnecessary Roughness 27 – Unsportsmanlike Conduct 28 – Illegal Crosse 29 – Deep Pockets 30 – Illegal Equipment 31 - Ejection Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

6  Using the handle/shaft of crosse between hands either by thrusting away from the body or extended from the body Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

7  Body Checking an opponent who does not have ball or not within 5 yards of ball  Body Checking an opponent from the rear or at/below waist or above the shoulder  Body Checking an opponent who has any part of body other than feet on the ground  Watch for players turning their back, jumps or moves to avoid what started as a legal check appear illegal, if contact occurs, this is not a foul. Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

8  Initiation of contact to opponent’s head/neck with a cross-check, body or stick  Spearing (block or initiate contact with head – either offensive or defensive player)  Point of Emphasis  Excessive, violent or uncontrolled slash to H/N  Non-Releasable – Recommended 2 minute  Slashing with contact to H/N is not always N/R Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

9  Illegal Crosse - 1-3 minutes non-releasable Deep Pockets – 1 minute non-releasable/can be fixed Altered Crosse – 3 minutes non-releasable/out of game/remains at table (Length/Head/Two Ball Stops/Stuck in Pocket) All Strings must be 2” – No Foul  A1 scores – inspection determines illegal crosse on scorer – goal disallowed; 1-3 minute non- releasable (if A2 – goal counts, enforce penalty)  A1 scores – inspection requested/A1 adjusts stick – 1 minute Unsportsmanlike plus potential crosse penalty if found - goal disallowed Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

10  Point of Emphasis – stick checks (4x per game) should include all equipment  End Caps and Handle Tape – not illegal; get fixed  1 minute non-releasable Holes in palm of gloves/No gloves B1 - No shoulder pads or arm pads (not cumulative – just 1 minute) or long cleats (> half inch) or metal cleats. No Mouthpiece Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

11  Swinging at opponent’s crosse or body with deliberate viciousness or reckless abandon May or may not include contact Watch reverse back checks/checks to the back Repeatedly striking glove = Slash Follow through on shot – No slash Scooping the ball follow through is not a slash Slash or Brush – know the difference Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

12  A player may not trip an opponent with any part of his body or crosse (must be a positive action)  Obstruction at or below waist with crosse, hands, arms, legs, feet Legal check – No trip Scooping loose ball – No trip Incidental contact (getting tangled up) – No trip Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

13  Excessive force/violence  Holds or Pushes (Excessive)  Actions to look for: Deliberate Avoidable Punching blow Watch Late Hits on Shooter/ passer  May be “technically” legal (e.g. body check, contact against screener) Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

14  Arguing with officials  Threatening, profane, obscene language or gestures  Taunting  Overt celebration - Undue attention to oneself  Deliberately use hand or fingers to play the ball or grab an opponent’s crosse with the open hand or fingers. (Faceoff)  Verbal simulation of faceoff  Repeatedly commit same technical foul  Deliberately failing to comply with playing rules Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

15  5 total minutes of personal fouls in the game = “disqualification” for that game  Not an ejection  Use “fouling out” terminology  5 minutes not 5 fouls Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

16  Deliberately striking or attempting to strike anyone  Leaving the bench area during altercation  Use of tobacco or smokeless tobacco  Second non-releasable Unsportsmanlike Foul  Flagrant Misconduct (as deemed by officials)  Ejection = 3 minute non-releasable penalty  PIAA On-Line Paperwork/Reporting required  Deliberate Attempt to Injure. Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

17  Drop Flag/ Verbalize “Flag Down”  Continue Officiating until (Section 8, Article2)  Enforce Penalty  Goal Scored – goal counts/man down faceoff (penalty wiped out if technical foul)  No Goal – restart at point of suspension or free clear; if in goal area – move laterally outside Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

18  Fouls called on players of opposing teams during:  Live Ball  Dead Ball when sequence cannot be determined  Play-On or Slow Whistle  If possessing team commits foul, immediate whistle  Penalty Time  No Play-On or Slow Whistle – if all technical fouls they cancel  If possessing team commits only technical fouls, no time served  If possessing team commits personal foul, all players involved serve time – lesser time non-releasable for both  Award Ball  If penalty time awarded, award ball to team with less time  If penalty time equal, award ball to team in possession at time of whistle or (if no possession) use AP Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

19  Situation  Loose Ball – B1 pushes A1 (play-on)  A1 then slashes B1  Ruling  Simultaneous – Team A entitled to possession  B1 – 30 seconds; A1 – 1 minute  First 30 non-releasable for both  Award to Team B Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

20  Situation  A1 possession – B1 slashes A1 – Flag Down  A2 interferes with B2  Ruling  Simultaneous Fouls  Blow whistle – B1 serves 1 minute; No time served for A  Award to A Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

21  Situation  B1 slashes A1, slow whistle  A1 scores  Immediately after whistle, officials discover A2 was offside  Ruling  Goal disallowed  B1 serves penalty – Award to A Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

22  Situation  B1 commits personal foul – Slow Whistle  Team A scores  A1 commits technical foul  Ruling  Not simultaneous  B1 serves time (1 minute); No time for A  Award to B Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

23  Situation  Loose ball  B1 goes offside  A2 pushes B2  Ruling  Simultaneous – Blow whistle  Fouls cancel  Use AP (since ball is loose) Keystone Lacrosse Officials Association

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