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May 23, 2011 Lake Zurich High School.  Welcome (Vetter/Ducato)  3-man Overview - Cummings  Playoff Mechanics/Rule Interpretation  Assignor Expectations.

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1 May 23, 2011 Lake Zurich High School

2  Welcome (Vetter/Ducato)  3-man Overview - Cummings  Playoff Mechanics/Rule Interpretation  Assignor Expectations 2

3 3

4 Moderator: Tom Cummings 4

5  R conducts the initial face-off 1 st and 4 th ; (R faces all OT’s)  Single side and bench official should be on midline  Face-off official should be “over the top”; stay home  WINGS: Point the direction of your goal  Break on the whistle- immediately  Single side has SOME count  DON’T start the game with a face-off violation  Let the F/O ref call 90% of post F/O infractions (too many eyes on the ball)- “off” officials have their restraining lines  Possession call with color ( pay attention single side)  Violations: signal IP but try to verbalize the violation

6 Coaches Area Table X FACE-OFF: Ball goes towards

7 Coaches Area Table

8  (Recommend) Fastest ref  F/O: Break IMMEDIATELY to cover the back of the F/O refs goal  Always has the first count from face-off 20 second count in defensive side (only time) 10 second count in offensive side Continues to have count until trail rejoins

9  Position 5-7 yds above GLE  Move “in and out” dependent on the Lead movements  Initial 10 count into the attack box; subsequent counts until Trail rejoins  You always have the SHOOTER  Defense possession- break IMMEDIATELY to midline; GET TO THE CONE (look behind, see the ball)  Is the PRIMARY for offside calls  Fast break: if you are 5 yards behind don’t stop

10  Only signal goal if Lead needs help  You have a sideline (you have no endline)  Restarts: your position is always at midline if ball in the defensive side  Restarts in offensive side- let the Trail have the count  Penalty enforcement: restart the ball on single side (if practical)

11  Position: GLE  Don’t let the ball/players behind you(back pedal; don’t turn your eyes from the players)  Endline  10 second count in your alley until Trail rejoins  Move “on and off” crease with the ball  Coverage : a halo about 10 yard radius  Talk with players  Signal goal.. Rotate to single side

12  Report all fouls to table  Sweep the Substitution box ◦ Allow subs to finish before you re-enter ◦ Penalty at the table ◦ Subs in box, only when imminent  Failure to advance: defensive 20 seconds ◦ Goalie/def possession- pump and start timer ◦ Long clears : stay at GLE or behind the ball  YOU are the 2 nd for OFFSIDE

13 TRAIL  Rejoin the play- don’t be in a hurry ◦ Let the substitutions finish ◦ 10 second counts in offensive half ◦ Watch the shooter, especially when ball on SS ◦ See illegal screens when ball behind goal ◦ Tell the lead you are back- “I’m in” ◦ OOB on Lead side



16 L S S is “on” and has count when ball is in the blue area L is “on” and has count when ball is in yellow area On/off before Trail is in play (2-man) T T is watching subs and has the quick offside call and the left goal

17 L S S is “on” and has count when ball is in blue area L is “on” but T has count in green area On/off after Trail is in play T T is “on” official and has count when the ball is in orange area L is “on” when ball is in yellow area T can make “on” calls in gray area

18  Single becomes the “new” face-off man  Lead becomes the new SS  Single runs to center X (Don’t turn and face your partner)  Bench stays; bench verbalizes “timer on”  F/O checks with Bench side ref for “OK” to face  Bench signals when field is ready(20 seconds); waits for signal from far side  F/O back out to bench side (You become the Lead at your ass)

19 Coaches Area Table G OAL SS F/O

20  Communicate (Report fouls) with your partners  TRAIL will report to the table (C-NOTE)  SS and LEAD: “Set the field” ◦ Locate the ball ◦ Count the defense and offense ◦ Inform goalie of ball location: Official closest to the goalie –no need to yell to goalie ◦ Restart in the alley on SS (if possible) ◦ Restart Lead/Trail side, (whistle) whoever is closest to ball (Single side should inform goalie) ◦ Someone should look at the clock

21 Moderator: Craig Peterson 21

22  Uniform same as regular season (follow assignor)  Contact partner prior to arrival  Arrive 45 min prior (25 min pre-game, on field at 20 min)  Coaches Cert, Coin Toss, Face-off guys (new) ◦ Emphasize (Center ball on head, no lean, no early)  Partner Communication (eye contact, verbal)  Count Players on re-starts  Stalling (consistency, don’t confuse good defense with stalling)  Expulsion Fouls (be SURE it is justified)  Be aware of time-out situations (player in trouble..last 2 min of period)  Raise your game (offsides, substitution..advantage calls in addition to safety!) 22

23  Head Shots - Continue enforcement of hits to the head. Slash to head is a slash and is a normal releasable penalty.  Equipment – Penalize illegal sticks …be preventative on all other equipment issues.  Know the rules … ask questions tonight …contact after this meeting with any questions or clarification. Don’t enter the playoffs with uncertainty! 23

24 ILLAX: John Vetter RVOA: Pete Ducato 24

25 3-man 3-man in quarter-finals and select earlier games

26 26 1.CYA 2.CMA 3.DFU 4.Have Fun

27 Coaches Area Table

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