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Sending Newsletters with Wordpress and Subscribe2.

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1 Sending Newsletters with Wordpress and Subscribe2

2 Basic Instructions (Setup) 1.Activate your new account with the link you received in your email 2.Change your password in the Users > Your Profile menu at the bottom of the page 3.Create any static pages you would like (optional) 4.Create any categories you would like (optional) 5.Setup your menu how you would like (optional) 6.Inform staff or other interest people about your newsletter

3 Basic Instructions (Use) 1.Create a new post 2.Create your newsletter on the new post page 3.When finished click publish 4.Your newsletter will be automatically sent to anyone subscribed

4 Detailed Instructions Setup

5 1. Check your email You should receive a welcome email from wordpress with a link that will show you’re your login details (note: Firefox users may experience and issue where the text on this page is the same color as the background. A workaround for this is to highlight the text so that you can see it) Use the login credentials here to login to your account

6 2. Change your password Once logged in navigate to your profile by hovering over the users link on the left and then clicking on “Your Profile” Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the “New Password” option. Set your new password here

7 3. Create Static Pages (optional) If you would like to include more information on your new website besides your newsletters you can create static pages To create a static page hover over the pages link on the left and then click on Add New You will be taken to a page where you can edit the page however you would like. You can attach files by clicking on Add Media underneath the title bar When you are satisfied with how your page looks click publish on the right hand side

8 4. Create Categories (optional) Reach the categories page by hovering over the posts button on the left and clicking on categories You can create different categories which you can put your posts into. This makes it easier for users to search your website

9 4. Create Categories (optional) Categories can have a hierarchy which is useful for when you are posting a lot of things that are similar but still different For example, if I know that I am going to post a lot of pictures of cats and a lot of funny videos I can create an “Unimportant Documents” category with two sub categories one for videos and one for cats to keep everything organized

10 5. Create A Custom Menu (optional) If you do not like the default menu layout you can change it however you like Hover over the Appearance option on the left menu then click on menus To start enter a name and click on the Create Menu button on the right Drag and drop pages, categories and links to wherever you want them to go in the menu

11 6. Let People Know Unless people are subscribed to your newsletter they will not receive any notification when you post a new one Instruct interested people to go to your blog and subscribe using the form on the right hand side of the screen You may consider doing this through email, phone calls, or meetings or announcements

12 Detailed Instructions Use

13 First log into your Wordpress account Next navigate to the new post page by hovering over Posts on the left menu and clicking on Add New Give your newsletter a title and edit it however you want. (optional) Add your post to a relevant category by selecting a category on the right hand side When you are satisfied with your newsletter click on publish on the right hand side Anyone subscribed to your newsletter will automatically receive it in their email

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