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2 Manager’s Responsibilities Winning Manager will post scores in a timely manner – within 24 hours. Cancel games on the website that are called because of weather or any other reason Reschedule canceled games on the website – if you don’t it will throw off the entire schedule, which includes team standings and the playoff brackets. Communicate and Motivate: Send Email blasts to your team via the website Post pictures Add news bulletins to motivate your team and recap games Add events to your team’s calendar 2

3 Logging into 3

4 Administrative Login 4

5 Administrative Features Once you log in: Go to the LOCK icon - located on the far right of the top horizontal navigation bar.. 5

6 Admin Features: From the Team Homepage You can also find the same Admin features by going to: Teams>League >Team Name> Then choose your options from your team’s home page from the left hand navigation menu. 6

7 Team Log In: Roster Menu To Log in as a Team Member: From the Roster Menu >Scroll down to “Click here to log in for full roster” 7

8 Passwords Manager's Password: Each of your teams can be assigned a manager's password that allows its users to enter the admin area and perform a limited set of tasks. These include entering team bulletins, game results, general events, facility information, and upload pictures and documents, and optionally perform scheduling tasks. However, when using an individual team manager's password, the user can only perform these tasks for that team or those teams that use the same password. Team Password: Each of your teams can be assigned a password that members can use to access its roster and documents area. They can email the manager, coaches the whole team. 8

9 Team Members Log in from the Roster Menu 9 From the Roster Menu scroll down the bottom of the roster and “Click here to log in for full roster.” Team Member Log in Once logged in team members can email the whole team or manager. They also have access to the manager’s phone numbers. Email the Manager or the Whole Team

10 Privacy: Address, Phone # and Email Addresses Parents control their family’s privacy settings. (Public, Roster View/Team View or Private) When a family logs in with the team password the information shown is determined by how the parent chose to set up their privacy levels When they registered they had the option to set their address, email and phone numbers at: Public, Roster or Private They can log in with their personal password to change their privacy settings If they forgot the password they setup at registration the website will email them a temporary password. 10

11 How to Set Individual Privacy Settings Log into your account (password was created at registration) Next to Address, Phone Numbers and Email Choose from the drop down box: Roster, Public or Private 11

12 Messaging: Add New Bulletin To get to your team homepage choose: TEAM from the Navigation Menu>League: Drop down box>Team: Drop down box. To Add A New Bulletin: Click on the Green Box in the center of the page. 12

13 Messaging: Add New Bulletin The text boxes on the top are optional. The content box is similar to typing in Word. 13

14 Publish On and Expires After: Option to set your dates ahead of time Click on the blue ?: If you need an explanation of a text box Save time by typing your messages early and setting the Publish On Date. Set the Expire After date to keep your homepage up to date. 14

15 Submit Your Bulletin: Email Broadcast The Season & Recipient Teams options: Will be pre-selected when you log in as the manger. Email Broadcast: Check the box and the options will pop up (Text message addresses, Parents and Team Members. Click Submit 15

16 Uploading Pictures Click Browse & find the picture on your computer. You can type a caption if you wish. Picture File option is to find a picture that is already uploaded on the site. 16

17 Assign Roster From the Admin Lock Button: Choose>Teams> Assign Rosters 17

18 Assigning Roster: Select Team & Participants: Choose ANY of the following from the drop down menus: Season Team Select Participants – Players Only, Parents Only, Both Gender Born between Grade Registered In: Must Choose the current season (Spring 2011) or you the system will list the players names for each time they registered online. The players name could be listed three times. Notes Contains Click Submit 18

19 Assigning Rosters: Registration Criteria Optionally choose additional selection criteria from the registration form. Choose the question from the dropdown box, for example, if you wanted to only choose players from a specific 2010 Team (MLL did not use registration criteria, so we left the selection as NONE.) Click Submit 19

20 Assigning Roster: Choosing Players Click on a Players Name The player’s name will appear on the roster. To de-select a player, click on their name in the roster area, and it will go back to the main list. When you are finished, click Save Roster 20

21 Assigning Rosters: Assigning Positions, Coaches & Numbers Next to the player’s name choose “player” from the drop down box You can also enter position and number Select Managers and Coaches Click Submit 21

22 Roster: Public View (anyone not logged into your homepage) The Public View is how the roster will appear on the website. Families click on the coaches name to email the coach. When you are logged in as manager you can list your team by #, participant, position or birthday by clicking on the row title in the blue bar. 22

23 Schedule Page Example Example of your team’s schedule – any item in blue can be edited. Any event that is canceled will have line drawn through it. 23

24 Adding A Game or Practice Click on the Edit Icon 24

25 Add A New Game or Practice Click on the Edit Icon: Add the date, time location choose game or practice select your team from the drop down box Notes can only be 32 characters check off who you’d like to send notices Click Submit. 25

26 View: Canceled Game on Schedule A Canceled Game will have a line drawn through it, and it will be displayed in red text the first time a team member visits the page. 26

27 Game Results Click on the Edit Icon on the right side. 27

28 Add Scores Type in the RUNS for each team. Add any additional comments in the text box. Scroll down and click Submit. 28

29 Add Scores: Comments Section Enter game comments into the text box and click Submit. 29

30 Scores: Example of Results Page and Key The results are displayed on the Results Menu. The Icon Key is displayed at the bottom of the page in the gray box. 30

31 Delete Event Pop Up Screen It is unlikely that you would ever delete and event, but if you if you do, click on the X. Click Yes and check off who you would like to notify. Click No to cancel. 31

32 Adding Player Stats – Viewed by Managers Only From the Results Menu on your homepage: Click on the ∑ symbol. 32

33 Player Statistics: Pitching Enter player stats and click submit. 33

34 Player Statistics: Hitting Enter your player’s stats and click submit. 34

35 Player Statistics: Fielding Enter your player’s statistics and click submit. 35

36 Standings 36

37 Additional Website Tutorials: Coaches Corner Go To: Coaches Corner>Website Tutorials For Managers for a printed manual, this PowerPoint and short video directions. http://www.leagueathlet 43&snid=kIKC\3M0_&or Manual: http://www.leagueathlet anual.asp?snid=kIKCS2 O6[& http://www.leagueathlet anual.asp?snid=kIKCS2 O6[& 37

38 Questions: 38

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