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Introduction to Portfolios

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1 Introduction to Portfolios
Multimedia Career Development Honors Level

2 What is a portfolio and why do we need one?
A portfolio is a purposeful, meaningful collection of your work. It will tell a story about your growth, achievements, and progress over time. It is all about you. Using a portfolio during any interview (job, college, scholarship) will help you talk about yourself using this visual aid. A portfolio sets you apart from other candidates. It shows your attention to detail, creativity, and organizational skills. Insure that everything in your portfolio is neat and error free or corrected by a teacher.

3 What does a pf look like and what kinds of supplies do I use?
New looking three ring binder/leather look portfolio. Resume paper (bond) Sheet protectors Computer software with desktop publishing capabilities Formal cover page slid in front cover. Formal cover pages introducing sections of your portfolio. Formal tabs formatted on the computer for quick reference.

4 What kinds of things do I put in my portfolio
Job search packet (resume (s), cover letter, thank you letter, rejection letter, acceptance letter, reference letters, reference page, job ad. Professional Objectives Presentations (printed and CD)which represent oral communications skills as well as technology skills. Written communications (articles, papers, poems to

5 What kinds of things do I put in my portfolio
Tests Projects Awards Certificates Diplomas Degrees Job related paperwork (evaluations, samples of your work. Original Work Drawings Music Photos News articles about you. Samples of computer work to represent your skills. Church related material Anything else that represents you.

6 Take pride in your work!!!! Show it off!!!
When is all this due? Checkpoint 1 – September 9, 2005 (10 points) Checkpoint 2 - around Halloween (50 points) Checkpoint3 – Mock Interviews (December) (40 points) FINAL EXAM GRADE Take pride in your work!!!! Show it off!!!

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