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English Language Arts 20-2 Résumé and Cover Letter.

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1 English Language Arts 20-2 Résumé and Cover Letter

2 Data For Your Résumé Personal Information name address telephone Do NOT include your age, height, weight, social insurance number Paid Experience - list the jobs you did that you were paid for. List from most recent to least recent. Follow this order: a. full-time or part-time; b. job title; c. employer and employer’s city and province; d. dates worked; e. duties eg - part time cashier, IGA, Airdrie, AB, June 2000 - September 2000 - worked computerized cash register/scanner, memorized grocery codes, provided cheerful and efficient customer service Non-paid Experience - list the work for which you were not paid; for example, volunteer work. List from most recent to least recent. Follow this order: a. work done; b. for whom and in what city and province; c. dates worked; d. duties eg - treasurer, Lion's Club, Airdrie, AB, January 2000 - December 2000 - kept books for club using "Quick Books" software, collected cash at functions, made bank deposits, paid bills

3 Data For Your Résumé - continued Special Training - list the job training programs or workshops; computer and other machine training courses. Follow this order: a. Certificate, Program, or Course; b. Training place, city, province; c. year eg - Service Best Certificate, Rocky View Virtual School, Airdrie, AB, January 2001 Skills - list the things you can do that can be used on a job. - refer back to Lesson One for the lists that you created there :-) Education : - list the high school, college, or centre that gave a high school diploma, GED, or college degree. Follow this order: a. diploma or degree received; b. school; c. city and province d. year eg - High School Diploma, Rocky View Virtual School, Airdrie, AB, June 2000 If you are still in school, list when you will earn your diploma eg. - will graduate with High School Diploma from Rocky View Virtual School, Airdrie, AB, June 2002 References - list three individuals who would present you positively to a prospective employer Do NOT include family members or relatives. Follow this order: a. name; b. position; c. workplace; d. city and province; e. phone number eg. John Jones, manager, IGA, Airdrie, AB, (403) 948-5555

4 Résumé See résumé samples within the lesson Your résumé must be  error-free  ONLY ONE PAGE

5 Cover Letter What is a cover letter? Résumés are always sent with a cover letter. That is a job application letter that’s written to go with a résumé. Cover letters should be printed with a computer unless an employer specifically asks for a handwritten letter. Start Your Letter In the first sentence tell the purpose of your letter. Tell the position you are applying for and how you found out about the job opening. Please accept this letter of application for the data input clerk position that was advertised in the November 4 News Herald. Tell Why You Are Qualified Mention your résumé. Use one or two important points from your résumé to tell how you are qualified for the position. As my resume shows, my experience and training qualify me for the position. I am certified as a data input specialist. I have also had experience working in offices.

6 Cover Letter End Your Letter End by asking for an interview. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to speaking with you in an interview. May I call you to arrange an interview at your convenience? I will contact your office at the end of this week. Show That the Résumé Is Enclosed At the bottom of your letter, type: Encl: Résumé

7 Cover Letter See cover letter samples posted within the lesson. Your cover letter must be error-free ONLY ONE PAGE

8 That was then... A resume was a litany of everything you have ever done-no matter how many pages it took. You put a "job objective" on your résumé. You included your Social Insurance Number and other personal information on your resume. You included your last salary and reason for leaving on your résumé. You included a cover sheet with only your name on it with your résumé. You enclosed your résumé in a clear plastic folder. Hand-written résumé and cover letters were acceptable. You never called an employer for feedback. It was embarrassing to be unemployed, so you never told anyone. Five or ten applications for a position was normal, and résumés were often not even necessary. You rarely took credit for your accomplishments, let alone pat yourself on the back for them. You mailed your résumé rather delivering it in person. You often had one or two job offers within a week. If you were hired by a big company, you often worked there until retirement.

9 ... this is now. Your résumé is a personalized and dynamic advertisement of your skills and qualifications. Your résumé is done on a computer and laser printer. You do not limit your opportunities by including a job objective on your résumé. You do not put personal information on your résumé. Employers often receive 200 to 300 applications for each position. A great résumé is a must! You take credit for all your accomplishments and include them in your résumé. Landing one interview for every 10 resume submissions is excellent. You submit your résumé by hand. No job is forever.


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