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How to Create a Career Portfolio

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1 How to Create a Career Portfolio
Why – the purpose of a Portfolio What To Include What Employers are Looking For  MAKE A GREAT IMPRESSION

2 What is it? A portfolio is a collection of your career, education and professional activities. Be sure to arrange the material in an organized fashion with clearly labeled sections.

3 A portfolio should include:
Biography Career Philosophy Career Goals Resume Work Sample Certifications Diplomas Degrees Transcripts Awards Professional Memberships Committees Community Service Reference Materials

4 Why should you create a career portfolio?
A career portfolio helps you to distinguish yourself from the competition. It will help you to clearly communicate yourself to the employer. Creating a portfolio will also help prepare for the interviewing process.

5 Biography A biography is a brief summary of your career, education and relevant activities. Include short descriptions of the classes you took, the places you've worked, the organizations you participate in and any relevant goals that you have achieved.

6 Career Philosophy A career philosophy is your mission statement.
It is a summary of your core professional beliefs. Your career philosophy helps the employer match you up with their work culture.

7 Career Goals Your career goals should be focused on what you expect to achieve in the next two to five years. Describe what skills you expect to attain/advance and how you plan to do so. Discuss how you plan to participate and/or compete in professional organizations.

8 Resume Your resume should be a very brief summary of your career portfolio. It should include a brief career objective, education, work experience, skill section and the obligatory references available upon request.

9 Work Sample This is one of the most important sections of your career portfolio. Include photographs, menus, designs and business plans that you created. If it was group work, indicate which individuals were involved with their contact information.

10 Reference Materials Biographies of people who appear in your portfolio
Letters of recommendation List of references, contact info and relationships

11 Additional items to include
Certifications Diplomas Degrees Transcripts Awards Professional Memberships Committees

12 What supplies do you need?
An attractive binder Sheet protectors with tabs Quality paper Business cards

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