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By: Bailey LITTERING  It harm the environment by throwing it on the ground.  It kills a lot of plants and animals in the metro parks.  It sometimes.

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2 By: Bailey LITTERING

3  It harm the environment by throwing it on the ground.  It kills a lot of plants and animals in the metro parks.  It sometimes goes in the ocean were we get our water from. HOW LITTERING HARMS THE ENVIRONMENT

4  We can stop littering by not throwing garbage on the ground.  Also we can stop throwing it in the ocean we will save many fish then.  Also we can help by picking litter up if you see it on the ground. SOLUTIONS

5 THANKS  Hope you liked this PowerPoint remember don’t litter.


7 THE PROBLEMS  When you throw or dump waste in the water, it harms others and even yourself.  The little drinking water in the world will drop down lower.  Can make you sick.  Animals can die.

8 HOW WE CAN HELP  Ask your town leader if you could put a “No Dumping” sign along a body of water.  Do not dump trash into bodies of water.  Do not litter by a body of water to stop the chance of the wind caring it into the water.

9 THE END  Hope you enjoyed the slide show.  Don’t pollute a fresh body of water.  THE END!

10 By: Maria E

11 How It Happens!  People, always just throw their garbage on the ground, in lakes, in other water, and more. That's really harmful to are environment.  This also is harmful to animals because if you throw it in water animals might drink that water and can die from it. Also some animals like fish live in water and they can also die from it.

12 Solution Reduce Reuse Recycle Do these things and our earth will be a better place!



15  Reduce  Reuse  Recycle  Clean up and help the world!

16 Pollution By: Alexander G

17  We have to much smoke in our air and has gotten into our rain, but how do we get it out? Factory pollution

18  We can put a limit on how much smoke each factory releases in one day.  Then we will have a good beautiful sky like this one. Solution

19 The End


21 HOW IT HARMS People throw tons of trash in lakes, rivers, and oceans every day. All this trash is killing everything in the water. It is also harming the water, you can’t drink the water anymore. It is also turning the water brown and you can’t swim in it.

22 HOW TO CHANGE IT Do not throw trash in lakes, rivers, and oceans. Go to a polluted lake, river, of ocean with friends and pick up the trash. Ask your city mayor to put a no dumping sign in the water.


24 THE END I hope you enjoyed this PowerPoint. Don’t pollute the water of you will not be able to use it.


26 Pollution is the waste that people throw or dump in water or on land. Pollution can be harmful in many ways. Pollution can harm animals, people, plants/trees, fresh water, land, and air. When air is being polluted, and you breathe it in, then you COULD get very, very sick. Earth has little drinking water so when you pollute the fresh water that we have we could be harmed because of not enough water. HOW ITS HARMFUL

27 WHAT WE CAN DO We can try to clean up the trash we see. We can enforce people to use a trash can, and not throw trash wherever they want. We can ask to put up signs near lake‘s and other common littering areas. We can use the three R’s.

28 SOLUTION Reduce Reuse Recycle If we do these three things our earth will be a better place!

29 THE END Remember to use the three R’s! THE END!!


31 HOW IT HAPPENS  It happens when people smoke or factories cause smoke to go into the air.  If there is to much air pollution in the air smoke will go into the clouds and it could cause acid rain.  When air pollution occurs it can affect the clouds and birds all around it.

32 HOW TO SOLVE IT  We can solve it by trying not to smoke so the air won’t be polluted  Air pollution can make holes in the ozone layer that’s why we should not smoke.  Try not to let factories let out harmful gasses to the environment.


34 THE END  Hope you enjoyed the slide show  Don’t pollute the air!!!!!

35 Max H

36 * People smoke and drive gas-powered cars. * Factories let out a ton of bad gases and pollute the air a lot.

37 * When we pollute, it can go into the air and become acid rain or smog. * Air pollution can make holes in the ozone layer which lets in the sun’s harmful UV rays.

38 * People can get electric cars and try not to smoke.

39 Pollution

40 How it Starts  It starts with people not caring about earth  Then people pollute all around Earth  People pollute in oceans, rivers, streams, streets, and air  Some people don’t even know what can happen when they litter

41 Poor Animals There is so much pollution in the water and on land that so many living creatures die. People don’t realize that they are damaging everything that God gave to them.

42 Help  We can help by going to the beach and picking up wastes and scraps  If we took care of the Earth it would look much better  This is what would happen if we picked up our garbage….





47 HOW WE DO IT When people start smoking all the smoke goes in the air and starts to pollute it. If the air has lots of pollution and it rains it could make acid rain.

48 WHAT CAUSES AIR POLLUTION Factories can cause air pollution because all the smoke spreads in the air and makes our air dirty. Cars and trucks also cause air pollution because the smoke from both of them also cause air pollution. Smoking can harm the air as well because whenever you smoke it goes into the air.

49 SOLUTION We can start by carpooling so we don’t make as much smoke. People can also stop smoking. These ideas can help keep the air we breathe safe and clean.

50 KEEP EARTH CLEAN!!!!!!!!! Help keep the Earth clean!

51 Pollution on Earth By: Linda K.

52 How we do it  If you are on the beach and are eating any food, or have anything with a rapper, it may involve in pollution.  If you drop the rapper and not pick it up, it would be littering.

53 How it grows  If you see litter in waters, lakes, and streams, even on the street you should always pick it up.  When litter isn’t picked up it grows, then once it looks like this(picture on right) it gets harder to clean.  And once it gets bigger it harms the earth even more

54 What causes pollution  Factories- produce Smoke witch makes AIR POLLUTION.  People- litter and smoke, people are sometimes worse than factories, this is mostly LITTERING.  People also harm the water and animals by doing this. If plastic gets into the water, any animal may think it is food and it might even choke.

55 This is what happens after pollution has started………

56 What we can do to help  We can follow the three R’s.  R educe  R euse  R ecycle

57 Before  Before we did anything After  After we helped

58 Protect the Earth, we live here!!  Together we can save the world!!


60 Thanks for watching and remember to always recycle!!

61 By Chloe Litherland

62 Pollution in our communities  People throw garbage on the street and eventually it may get into our lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans.

63 Smoke  People smoke and throw it on peoples property.  When you smoke you pollute the air.  Factory smoke also pollutes the air too.


65 Oceans There is so much garbage in the ocean. FFish get killed sometimes because the fish get caught in the garbage.

66 Solution IIf we start to reduce, reuse, and recycle then our Earth will be a better place. GGo green!

67 THE END! Thanks For Watching!

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