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How Litter Effects Our World

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1 How Litter Effects Our World
By: Lainey

2 The Problem With Littering
It effects: The community Animals People Environment How: Shows that the people of the community do not care about the environment. Animals may eat the plastic or left over garbage and get poisoned, which could gradually spread to people People lead a bad example to later generations. Litter is never good for the environment, and takes effect very quickly.

3 The Solution Littering is not only bad for the environment, but also, it is unhealthy to people as well. Littering becomes a habit, and usually the litter on the ground is junk food wrappers. So if throwing the crushed up wrappers on the ground can not only save the environment, then why not help the obesity problem as well? They could always recycle the waste , so that they could help there community, too.

4 LITTER By: Jacob W

5 THE PROBLEM The problem that I found was that there is to much trash on the streets, on the beach, by the lakes, and the rivers. People think that just one thing wont make a difference but if everyone in the world just tossed a piece of trash outside we would be up to our knees in trash.

6 MY SOLUTION If everybody picked up one bag full of litter and recycled from now on what ever they can we would have a cleaner and nicer future.

7 Deforestation By Alice

8 Effects of Deforestation
People are cutting down trees in forests around the world. Reasons for this include: Emptying space for building purposes Clearing land to plant crops Using the lumber for paper and other wooden products Because of deforestation, the environment is harmed. Loss of many plants and trees Unbalanced oxygen levels Destroyed habitat No food or home for animals Interrupting the natural cycle of life The destroyed forest is no longer suitable for plant and animal life, and they are driven out. Could possibly become extinct In the rainforest, many species may die without ever being discovered by scientists. The forest grounds become a wasteland.

9 Solution? If we work together globally to protect our forests, we will be able to preserve one of Earth’s important treasures. We can reuse, recycle, and reduce our intake of wood products so not as many trees need to be cut down. We can build up instead of around: taller buildings instead of wider ones. We can find new ways to plant crops that do not require as much space and soil. We can help reestablish forest habitats by planting trees and other plants, and we can release animals from destroyed forests into new forest environments. We can inform others about our overuse of forests, and how to conserve this precious natural resource.

10 Pollution In Our Water Sources
Earth Day By: Carolanne

11 What are the Causes of Pollution?
There’re many causes to why our water is not in the position it should be in. For example, cruise ships give out oil in the oceans, and trash is thrown on the ground which eventually makes its way into the lakes and rivers. Also items distributed into the sewer will find their way in water sources. Additionally, instead of throwing old toys away, citizens are purposely tossing them into the water. These are not good conditions for the people or the environment.

12 What Can We Do to Fix this Problem?
Water covers approximately 71% of our home, Earth. People of the world are purposely throwing away garbage that could be placed in the recycling bin. We have the capability to stop this problem by doing our part. Our community needs to join together to create a new society. If we pick up our trash, don’t litter, and place items in the correct bin we will be one step closer in forming a new environment. Once we get the word out we will have a new home, more fresh water, and a happy world!

13 Pollution of Lake Erie By: Owen Earth Day

14 Pollution of Lake Erie Lake Erie is Ohio’s main water source. Here in Ohio lots of pollution has infected Lake Erie. Mostly from the dumping of wastes from factories and even people polluting our beaches washing that pollution in our lake. We all need to take into consideration of what we are putting in our lake. This needs to stop!!!

15 What We Should Do What we can do is organize beach cleanups frequently at Lake Erie. Ohio’s citizens can inform the government and the city about this tragedy. Helping our lake is helping our environment. People could actually want to go to the beach. Let’s all come together and help our environment by cleaning up Ohio’s Lake Erie.

16 Pollution of our local rivers and streams
By Kyle

17 This is an example of oil dripping into water and poisoning the living conditions for fish

18 Global Warming By Randon

19 Problems with Global Warming
Global Warming is bad for the environment. It causes the Polar Ice Caps to melt. leaves polar bears stranded on the ice like this one. The cause of global warming is the greenhouse effect. Green house effect is caused by Humans and their ways of living.

20 Solution for Global Warming
There is no true fast way to fix Global Warming fast. The best thing to due is change are way of living By being eco friendly and conserving energy. Every little thing helps.

21 Save Our Planet!

22 The Problem Save us!!!!! Help before its to late
When people through trash into the river fish think it is food and they could get hurt trying to eat it. People do not realize how series this problem is and that is one reason why some people don’t help. People are destroying our natural recourses by polluting our air, water, and soil. Save us!!!!! Help before its to late

23 Examples of pollution Would you rather have a river like these
Or these

24 Solution I think if we all took one day a week to go out and clean it would help with the pollution problem. We could stop and pick up the trash in the rivers to help make them clearer. Once we clean them up they should be a nice place to go and play and you wont have to worry about finding pollution, dead animals, glass and trash.

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