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We must take care of our home, the Earth.. Air pollution Water pollution Noise pollution.

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1 We must take care of our home, the Earth.

2 Air pollution Water pollution Noise pollution


4 Brainstorm some possibilities. Cars Buses Factories Airplanes Motorcycles

5 What are some causes of air pollution? What happens to children who grow up in Hong Kong? Why should you turn off your engine if you are not moving? Hong Kong chokes in smog

6 Brainstorm some ideas. Walk more. Ride bicycles. Take public transportation. Buy local food that doesn’t need to be transported from far away. Ask factories to use earth-friendly chemicals.


8 Brainstorm some ideas. Factories People’s garbage Plastic bags Sewage (toilets) Hospitals

9 How does this video make you feel? Hong Kong's Water pollution

10 Brainstorm some ideas. Use cloth shopping bags. Use earth-friendly products at home (soap, cleaning products). Recycle plastics, paper and metal. Reduce the amount of garbage we make. Reuse things – don’t throw your old clothes, shoes, toys, etc into the garbage. Donate them to the Salvation Army.


12 Brainstorm some ideas. Building new houses or other buildings. Changing the design of flats. Traffic (cars, buses, taxis, minibuses, trams, ships, zebra crossings, airplanes, etc) Mobile phones People Animals

13 Brainstorm some ideas. In Hong Kong, it’s difficult to stop building new flats and buildings. We can plant more trees near flats to stop sound traveling into your window. We can use good windows that stop noise traveling through them when they are closed. We can keep quiet. We can respect our neighbours.

14 There are ways to make our city sound nicer. People, even unborn babies, respond to nice sounds. People like the sound of waterfalls falling, birds singing, insects chirping and waves crashing. Watch this video by the South China Morning Post about ways to improve the sounds in Hong Kong. Soundscaping Hong Kong

15 Light – Can’t see the stars at night. Heat (thermal) – from factories and nuclear energy


17 Mainland China (cities like Shenzen which are near Hong Kong) Many other countries (India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, USA, Mexico, etc)

18 The make everything we use: Food Clothes Toys Cars Telephones Computers Furniture Jewelry

19 Factories are the number one cause of pollution. They pollute water, air and soil. They use water to wash away their waste. Now there aren’t many lakes, rivers or estuaries that are safe for people to bathe, fish or drink. They also cause thermal pollution (heat pollution) which kills fish and plants. People in Hong Kong can’t see blue skies during the day or stars at night. It destroys the ozone layer which protects us from harmful radiation from the sun. There is a big hole in the ozone layer over Australia and New Zealand, so people there get skin cancer and sun burns a lot. Children there must wear hats and sunscreen every day or they can’t go outside.



22 Secondary schools love students who show leadership and get involved in the community. WWF Hong Kong Green Living in Hong Kong How can you stop air pollution? Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong

23 Visit some websites, read some newspaper articles or watch a documentary about going green. Brainstorm a list of the things you use and do every day which cause pollution. Make a mind map about the ways you can reduce the pollution that you make. Write an essay based on your mind map. Give the list, mind map and essay to your Interview Class Teacher by 5 th January.

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