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«The protection of nature means the protection of our Motherland»

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1 «The protection of nature means the protection of our Motherland»

2 To know:  words to the theme;  modal verbs( must should can );  English tenses;  actuality of this problem and real condition of nature today;  some important ways of solution this problem; To be able to:  -use the words, modal verbs, English tenses in your speech;  - listen and understand information;  - read;  - answer the questions;  -discuss the problem of pollution and some ways of its solution;  -use your life experience and express your opinion.  - make a mini-project.






























32 to worry about scientists environment protection energy nature waste health the chemical industry radiation the Earth to forecast pollution earthquake litter generations ecologists disaster

33 to protect protection to pollute pollution to predict prediction to explore exploration to destroy destruction to produce production to populatepopulation to educate education to collect collection to recycle recycling

34 1. Ecologya) A gas in the atmosphere. The gas that we breathe out. 2. Environment b) The Earth is becoming warmer because there is too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. 3. Florac) The study of how living things interact with each other. 4. Fauna d) This is the atmosphere between 10 km and 60 km above the Earth. The ozone stops a lot of the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. 5. Habitatе) When the land, sea or air becomes dirty or poisonous. 6. Pollutionf) Part of sunlight. 7. Carbon dioxide g) A place that provides animals and plants with food, water and shelter. 8. Greenhouse effecth) It means simply what is around us. 9. Ozone layeri) All the plants that grow in a region. 10. Ultraviolet radiation j) The animals of a region.

35 Test yourself 1-c 6-e 2-h 7-a 3-I 8-b 4-j 9-d 5-g 10-f

36 Test yourself

37  Air pollution, smog, water pollution, destruction of natural resources.  The ozone layer in the upper atmosphere protects the world from the sun’s harmful rays. The chemical used widely in aerosol cans, refrigerators, and other products are destroying this precious layer.  The electric power station burn coal to produce the energy that keeps our light on. That burning coal gives off gas that came the greenhouse effect (парниковый эффект) and acid rains (кислотные дожди).

38  We pollute the air. – We change the climate.  We leave a fire. – We destroy the forest.  We throw away plastic bottles. – We damage nature.  We leave litter in the forests. – We hurt animals.  We break trees. – We disturb birds.  We don’t recycle paper. – We cut down trees to make new paper.  We throw litter in the rivers and seas. – We cause water pollution.  We leave glass bottles in the forest. – We hurt animals and people.

39 Do you agree with this statement? Why? Why not? Give your examples. This is teen’s opinion: I agree with this statement “to hurt the Earth is to hurt yourself” because the Earth is our home. Everything is connected. When we pollute air and water we spoil the things we use because we breath this air and drink this water. If the balance in nature is destroyed we will die too.


41 Use these words and word combinations: Protect…! Keep off..! Keep…tidy! Keep… under control! Recycle! Respect…! Put…! We can… We must…/mustn`t We should…/shouldn`t Feed… Don’t use… Turn off… Don’t cut… Try to avoid buying…

42 Your homework is to write an essay about ecology in our region.

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