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Saving the Rainforests

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1 Saving the Rainforests
Aaron 213

2 The Issues of Destroying Rainforests
We are cutting down huge amounts of trees in the rainforests which is leading to global issues. Animals that inhabit the rainforests are dying because we are destroying their habitats. The cutting down of trees leads to less oxygen being released back into our atmosphere. This also may lead to a hole in the ozone layer and most definitely Global Warming.

3 My Solution One of the main reasons that we are destroying the rainforests is for lumber and paper. Locally, we can recycle paper more to help lessen the effects of this issue. We can also reduce consumption of these products in order to save the rainforests. By creating a solution we can save the animals’ habitats.

4 Saving Rainforests By Aleks

5 The Problem Countless numbers of trees are being cut down every day.
The people that cut down these trees don’t plant new ones. Trees make oxygen which we use to breathe and if there is no oxygen how can we breathe?

6 The Solution We can fix this problem by planting new trees in our communities We can also petition to stop the destruction of our rainforests

7 Beach Pollution Olivia 213

8 Problems! Trash left behind.
Waves can crash in and bring the trash into the ocean. The trash in the ocean can harm the animals. Ships passing by, to close can run over sea creatures. Oil spills.

9 Solutions Don’t forget trash on the beach. Clean up the trash.
We can make a do not litter sign and there should be a fine for beach pollution. Let people know.


11 Ocean Pollution By: Nicholas Rm.213

12 Problem Sea animals dying Oil spills Careless littering
Untreated sewage that heads right into the ocean. People carelessly dumb waste into the ocean.

13 Solution We can take some time out of our day to clean up the litter.
We can make sure our city sewage is going through a system that cleans the sewage before it goes back out to the ocean. We can Encourage people to not carelessly dump waste but to take it to a refinery so they can get rid of it the right way. We can try our best to clean up the ocean pollution as fast as we can so we don’t have a lot of sea life dying.

14 Air pollution By Sean

15 Problem Smoke stacks are releasing poisonous gasses in the air, many animals would die because of it 13,000 people die from air pollution each year It is killing many birds and animals Smokers are also causing the same things to happen

16 Solution We could illegalize smoking Shut down factories
Stop polluting Stop littering Don’t burn fossil Fuels Car pull Ride bikes

17 Air to Breathe Aidan Earth Day

18 Stop are air pollution We need to think of new ways to power are electronics. Stop drilling into ate earth and causing gasses to escape. The gasses that escape cause are atmosphere to fall to stop objects in space to enter.

19 My solution Stop using factories to pollute harmful substances into are atmosphere. Use factories that do not harm the earth and air to breathe.

20 Love Our Animals By: Bayleigh

21 Help Endangered Species
Types of endangered animals in the rainforest include. Seals Polar bears Turtles Eagles Gorillas Sloths Tigers Parrots Koala bears And about 1500 more animals.

22 How To Help Conserve habitats: No Cutting down trees.
Reduce reuse and recycle products Join an organization; There are many community groups that help clean up pollution so animals don’t get sick. Make Space for wildlife Make a bird feeder or bird bath in your backyard Try not to use harmful chemicals in your garden.

23 Help Endangered Species So They Can Have A Happy Home Like You and Me.

24 Littering Exposed by: Bobby K

25 Effects Dying animals. Pollution. Global warming. More landfills.

26 Fixable Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.
Dispose of un-reusable and un-recyclable items.

27 Irreplaceable Some resources are irreplaceable Natural gasses Oil Coal

28 results This is the result of littering. The earth will over flow with garbage and filth.

29 The Wasteland The earth will get to dirty and polluted to be able to live on. Every thing will die on the new waste land called earth.

30 Rapid Rainforest Decrease
By David K

31 Negative Effects The rapid decrease in rainforests not only destroys the natural beauty of the land but also leaves many species of animals homeless The decrease also lowers the amount of oxygen rapidly. Since trees produce oxygen the remnants produce a smaller amount than a larger group would

32 Solution We don’t have to stop cutting down rainforests completely we just have to decelerate We can slow down by lowering demands for wood and paper. All we have to do is follow the three “Rs”, reduce, reuse, and recycle,.


34 Oil Spills By: Severyn K

35 Affects on the Environment
It covers wildlife with thick oil, suffocating most marine life, and becoming stickier over time. It results in hyperthermia in birds, because it reduces their feathers’ insulation, and they become easy prey. Birds and other animals drown in the ocean. Damages the insides of many animals, causing slow and painful death. The oil blocks the scent that seals use to track their pups, leading to abandonment of pups, who die without any help.

36 How to Stop This Madness
Don’t use as much oil-based products. Buy fuel efficient, hybrid, or electric cars to use up less oil. Even if there is an oil spill, help out as much as you can. Leave the oil in the ground, not to have this problem in the first case. Try to find out if your electric company has “green” energy and request it.

37 Don’t Let This Happen to Our Seas!

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