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Future Tense.

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1 Future Tense

2 Use of future tense Simple future tense
The simple future tense is used to talk about things which we cannot control. It expresses the future as fact. I shall be twenty next Saturday It will be Diwali in a week. We use this tense to talk about what we think or believe will happen in the future. I think India will win the match. I am sure Sumit will get a first class.

3 Future tense We can use this tense when we decide to do something at the time of speaking. It is raining. I will take an umbrella. “Mr. Sinha is very busy at the moment”. - “All right. “I’ ll wait” Going to – We use the going to form (be going to + base of the verb) when we have decided to do something before talking about it. “Have you decided what to do?” – “Yes, I am going to resign the job”. “Why do you want to sell your bike?” – “I’m going to buy a car”.

4 Future tense We also use the ‘going to’ form to talk about what seems likely or certain, when there is something in the present which tells us about the future. It is going to rain; look at those clouds. The boat is full of water. It is going to sink. The going to form may also express an action which is on the point of happening. Let’s get into the train. It’s going to leave. Look! The cracker is going to explode.

5 Future tense Be about to Simple Present tense
Be about to + base form can also be used for the immediate future. Let’s get into the train. It’s about to leave. Don’t go out now. We are about to have lunch. Simple Present tense The simple present tense is used for official programmes and timetables. The college opens on 23rd June. The film starts at 9.30 and finishes at 11.30

6 Future tense The simple present is often used for future time in clauses with if, unless, when, while, as ( = while)before, after, until, by the time and as soon as. The simple future tense is not used in such cases. I won’t go out if it rains. Can I have some milk before I go to bed? Let’s wait till he finishes his work. Please ring me up as soon as he comes.

7 Future tense Present continuous tense Future continuous tense
We use the present continuous tense when we talk about something that we have planned to do in the future. I am going to Shimla tomorrow. We are eating out tonight. Mr. abdul rehman is arriving this evening. Future continuous tense We use the future continuous tense to talk about actions which will be in progress at a time in the future.

8 Future continuous tense
I suppose it will be raining when we start. This time tomorrow I will be sitting on the beach in Singapore. We also use this tense to talk about actions in the future which are already planned or which are expected to happen in the normal course of things. I will be staying here till Sunday. He will be meeting us next week.

9 Future continuous tense
Be to We use be to+base for to talk about official plans and arrangements. The Prime Minister is to visit America next month. The conference is to discuss “Nuclear tests”. Be to is used in a formal style, often in news reports. Be is usually left out in headlines Prime Minister to visit America.

10 Future Perfect Tense The future perfect tense is used to talk about actions that will be completed a by a certain future time. I shall have written my exercise by then. He will have left before you go to see him. By the end of this month I will have worked here for five years.

11 Future Perfect Continuous Tense
The future perfect continuous tense is used for actions which will be in progress over a period of time that will end in the future. By next march we shall have been living here for four years. I’ll have been teaching for 20 years next july. This tense is not very common.

12 Exercise The plane ___ at 3.30 (arrives, will arrive).
I will phone you when he __ back(comes, will come) When I get home, my dog __ at the gate waiting for me. (sits, will be sitting) I ___ the joshis this evening. ( vist, am visiting) Look at those black clouds. It __(will rain, is going to rain)

13 Exercise The train __ before we reach the station. (arrives, will have arrived) Perhaps we __ Mahabaleshwar next month. (visit, will visit) Unless we __ now we can’t be on time. (start, will start) I __ into town later on. Do you want a lift? (drive, will be driving) The next term ___ on 16th Nov. (begins, is beginning)

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