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Future tenses.

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1 Future tenses

2 Will. Uses (“Prereconpro”)
1. Prediction Next week it will rain 2. Sudden (repentina) decision I will have an iced coffee 3. Conditional sentences If you come, we will be happy 4. Promises I will buy you a car when you finish your studies

3 Be going to. Uses (“Immiplan”)
Imminent event Look! The sky is black. It is going to rain. Plans or intentions I am going to work on some community projects in Africa next summer

4 Present continuous Arranged plans
Often used with movement verbs (go, leave, arrive, etc) Expressions: later, in an hour, tonight, tomorrow, on Sunday, next week … I am taking a year off before I start University Next Friday we are leaving the country (I have already bought the tickets)

5 Exercises I Look at the clouds. It .… soon. (to rain)
Look at the clouds. It is going to rain soon. 2. Peter .… 15 next Wednesday. (to be). Peter will be 15 next Wednesday. 3. Look at these tickets. We .… to London tomorrow. (to fly) Look at these tickets. We are flying to London tomorrow. 4. Tomorrow it .… in the North. (to rain) Tomorrow it will rain in the North.

6 Exercises II 5. Just a moment. I .… you. (to help)
Just a moment. I will help you. 6. In 2010 there .… more cars. (to be) In 2010 there will be more cars. 7. I .… a party. I have already invited my friends. (to have) I am going to have a party (I am having) 8. I ….. the theatre on Sunday. (to go) I am going to the theatre on Sunday

7 Future Perfect will + have + past participle
Example I will have written the letter by tomorrow. Use something will already have happened before a certain time in the future

8 Future Perfect Exercises I
1. Anne (to repair) her bike next week. Anne will have repaired her bike next week. 2. We (to do) the washing by 8 o'clock. We will have done the washing by 8 o'clock. 3. She (to visit) Paris by the end of next year. She will have visited Paris by the end of next year. 4. I (to finish) this by 6 o'clock. I will have finished this by 6 o'clock.

9 Future Perfect Exercises II
5. Sam (to leave) by next week. Sam will have left by next week. 6. She (to discuss) this with her mother tonight. She will have discussed this with her mother tonight. 7. The police (to arrest) the murderer. in one month’s time. The police will have arrested the murderer in one month’s time. 8. They (to write) their essay by tomorrow. They will have written their essay by tomorrow.

10 Future Continuous will + be + -ing form
Use 1) An action will be in progress at a certain time in the future. This action has begun before the certain time. When I come to school, the other kids will be waiting for me. We'll be going to the disco on Saturday

11 Future Continuous. Exercises I
1. Peggy (to come) to the party on Saturday. Peggy will be coming to the party on Saturday. 2. We (to meet) him tomorrow. We will be meeting him tomorrow. 3. This time next week he (to fly) to South Africa. This time next week he will be flying to South Africa. 4. At 6 o'clock on Friday they (to sing). At 6 o'clock on Friday they will be singing.

12 Future Continuous. Exercises II
5. It (to rain) when I reach Bangkok. It will be raining when I reach Bangkok. 6. Tomorrow at nine I (to write) a test. Tomorrow at nine I will be writing a test. 7. Andy (to watch) a video when I arrive tonight. Andy will be watching a video when I arrive tonight. 8. You (to eat) pizza soon. You will be eating pizza soon.

13 Future perfect/Future continuous Exercises
1. I’m moving to Rome in June. I hope that I will have found/will be finding a job by August. will have found 2. I’m so excited. At exactly this time tomorrow, I will have driven/will be driving my new car. will be driving 3. By the time the course ends, each student will be creating/will have created his or her own website. will have created 4. Come and visit me around I won’t have finished/won’t be finishing my homework, but I’ll take a break. won’t have finished 5. Don’t call Lisa between 7.00 and She will be watching/will have watched her favourite show. will be watching

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