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TALKING ABOUT THE FUTURE Abigail Carretero Hernández Autor.

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1 TALKING ABOUT THE FUTURE Abigail Carretero Hernández Autor

2 1.- Future Simple We use this tenses for: Making predictions, promises and threats. Offering to do something for someone Asking someone to do something Making a sudden decision Ill make you the most beautiful dress you have ever seen. I will help you decide which belt to buy. Will you pass me that scarf, please? I will take the red dress, please. It is often used with the verbs think, believe, etc. and phrases like I am sure... to make guesses or give our opinion about what will happen in the future. I think long dresses will be in fashion again next year.

3 2.- Future Continous We use this tense to Talk about an action which will be in progress at a specific time in the future. Talk about an arrangement for the future. Find out about somebodys plans when we want to ask them a favour. Mary will be watching the fashion show then, so she cant come to lunch. I will be shopping for my wedding dress on Saturday. Will you be wearing your leather jacket tomorrow? If not, can I borrow it.

4 3.- Future Perfect Simple We use this tense to talk about something that will happen before a certain time in the future The fashion show will have ended by the time we get there.

5 4.- Future Perfect Continous. We use this tense to talk about how long something will have been in progress at a certain time in the future. This time next year, James will have been working for that fashion house for ten years.

6 5.- Present Simple with a Future meaning. We use this tense for timetables and programmed events. The fashion show starts at 3 oclock in the afternoon.

7 6.- Present Continous with a future meaning We use this tense for plans and arrangements for the future. There must be a word or phrase in the sentence that talks about future times unless this can be understood for the context We are attending a fashion show tomorrow evening.

8 7.- Be Going to We use be going to + bare infinitive for Plans and arrangements for the future Making a prediction for the future based on a present situation. Sandra is going to meet me at the boutique. She is going to become a very successful designer one day.

9 8.- Future clauses with when Future tenses cannot be used in a future clause with when. We use a present tense. Note: that we use the present perfect simple when we need to emphasize that one action must be completed before the next one starts. The same is true of future clauses with as soon as, after, before, until, while, by the time and no matter what/who/where/etc. When you see Ruth, will you tell her to ring the shop? Ill look for a new bag when Im shopping at the weekend. Ill give you back the pullover when I have finished with it. As soon as you see her new haircut, tell her it looks nice. No matter where we go. Ill wear my new suit.

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