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SEO Marco Thorson John Prince Alexis Irizarry Rachel Brown Jeff Hanson.

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1 SEO Marco Thorson John Prince Alexis Irizarry Rachel Brown Jeff Hanson

2 Organic Search 1 Search listings based on relevance, instead of PPC or advertising Cross linking between pages of the same website to the most important pages may improve its visibility Reciprocal linking with other sites, Google has a separate algorithm to analyze this. Non-Reciprocal links hold less weight Writing content that includes frequently searched keyword phrases. Text relevant to a wide variety of search queries will tend to increase traffic Update content frequently to keep search engines crawling back increases weight

3 2 Organic Search

4 Methods of Organic SEO Show people who you are – Biography – Pictures Show people what you know – Comment on Blogs – Write Articles – Post in various locations Get your name out there – Speak at seminars – Get involved with other organizations 3 The following are different methods to improve organic search results

5 Organic SEO Copywriting Agencies Partnering with other websites/companies 4 Organic Search

6 Black Hat SEO 5 Black Hat SEO are attempts to improve rankings in ways Search Engines disapprove Uses text that is hidden, either as text colored similar to the background, in an invisible div, or positioned off screen Showing a different page depending on whether the page is being requested by a human visitor or a search engine spider, a technique known as cloaking Search engines penalize perpetrators through lowering their search prominence or deleting them from their databases ex: BMW

7 Google periodically changes its search algorithm – Quality links more important than quantity – Keyword distribution is important Left, right, top, middle, bottom Headers, titles, pictures, videos, meta tags, etc… 3-4% is optimal – Keyword density is important Content is best long-term strategy Cheating The System Search engine websites have specific procedures in place to provide accurate rankings 6

8 7 Inorganic SEO

9 Benefits – Yields quick results – Allows companies to run multiple short-term campaigns to see what leads to the highest customer conversion rate Cost Per Click (CPC) vs. Cost Per Impression (CPI) – Set personal daily budget – Minimum cost: $.01 per click vs. $.25 per one thousand impressions Downsides – Larger investment than organic SEO – Competitive bidding for keywords – Competitors clicking on ads Inorganic SEO is best used when combined with organic SEO to maximize optimization and further increase the website’s visibility. 8 Inorganic SEO

10 Do-It-Yourself vs. Outsourcing * What is the best use of time and resources in improving your SEO 9

11 Outsourcing your SEO Determine what type of SEO you need – PPC  for fast, immediate results. – Organic search results  a long term strategy. Structure of your website Content of website (links, key-words, etc.) Find the right company – Review past work of theirs Especially work in your industry, and general geographic location – Contact their customers Both references they provide, and those you find on your own – Make sure you understand their techniques, and that you are comfortable with them With thousands of options, how to choose an SEO company to meet your needs. 10

12 Appendix 11

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