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Welcome To The 2015 Split Day Meeting. REQUIREMENTS FOR PARTICIPATION Attendance at annual Split Day Meeting Good academic standing at COIL You must be.

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1 Welcome To The 2015 Split Day Meeting

2 REQUIREMENTS FOR PARTICIPATION Attendance at annual Split Day Meeting Good academic standing at COIL You must be able to keep up with your COIL classes along with this time commitment Written approval of Advisory Teacher

3 Regional Occupational Program  The Mission Valley ROP serves high school and adults in the Tri-city area (Fremont, Newark and Union City).  COIL students living outside this area may be able to enroll in the program with permission from the MVROP. Your advisory teacher can guide you through this process.  Most classes are offered both in the morning (7:20-9:20am) and afternoons (12:45- 2:45pm). If you enroll in a program you will attend every morning or afternoon during those hours.  Many classes provide 10 hours or elective units and provide you with a job skill.  All classes are FREE for high school students.  REGISTRATION: Most classes are year-long and begin the first day of the regular high school year. COIL students may pre-register through COIL during the months February- April. Ask your advisory teacher for the short form, fill it out and return for COIL Director’s signature.  You must be able to keep up with your COIL classes along with the your ROP responsibilities.

4 Options Available  Split Day at Fremont Unified Junior High Schools and High Schools including AP classes (for Fremont residents only)  Students take 1 to 2 classes  Community College Options  Students take 1 or 2 classes

5 SPLIT DAY POLICY OFF-SITE CLASSES—FUNDED BY COIL CHARTER SCHOOL: Only classes that are not offered at COIL can be considered for the following options: COIL Charter School will fund two community options for interested COIL students on an annual basis:

6 SPLIT DAY POLICY 1. COIL secondary students may attend one or two year-long classes at their FUSD school of residence OR 2. COIL secondary students may enroll in 1 or 2 community college classes. COIL will reimburse each student a maximum of $100/per class for books and materials per semester. Non- consumable materials/books will be returned to the COIL Resource Library at the end of the semester/year

7 The budget for this Split Day Program will vary from year to year, depending on available funds. If funds available match the requests of qualifying students, all requests will be filled. However, if funds are limited, some further criteria, beyond academic qualification and family commitment will be considered. Decisions will be made by COIL based on the following criteria: Type of class requested Number of classes requested Reasons for taking classes SPLIT DAY POLICY

8 All parents interested in enrolling their students in Split Day Classes are required to attend the annual Split Day Information Meeting scheduled during the spring semester and must turn in the required paperwork by the date assigned.

9 Families must commit to the following requirements: The student must have been previously enrolled in COIL completing all assigned work The student must continue to complete all COIL assignments and those required by the Split Day class, earning at least a “C” average in all general education classes SPLIT DAY POLICY

10 The student enrolling in two classes must enroll in at least one core subject (English, Math, Science, History) The student must attend class each day at the FUSD school and commit to enrollment and attendance requirements for the entire school year

11 SPLIT DAY POLICY Parents of qualifying students must set up arrangements for their child at the appropriate FUSD school site according to the directions received at the Split Day Information Meeting Students must adhere to their FUSD school of residence’s academic and behavior policies. Any negative behavior issues may result in discontinuing this option

12 SPLIT DAY POLICY Split Day Meeting sign in sheet will serve as notice that you have been presented with the COIL Split Day Policy (this saves paper and is one less paper in your Split Day paperwork)

13 Jr. High & High School Split Day Application  May enroll at FUSD school in your attendance area only  Class choice must be something COIL doesn’t offer  Honors: Meet FUSD requirement check with school  Advanced Placement (AP): Open to all  You can only register for the class(es) that has/have been approved of by your advisory teacher and the COIL Governance Council  You can check the FUSD course catalog available on the FUSD website to see what’s available at your neighborhood school  COIL FUSD School Site Split Day Application due to Becky Cimino by Thursday March 19, 2015

14 Jr. High & High School  After you pick up your written approval & an introductory letter from the Parent Pick Up area in the COIL front office….  Take the letter and register your student at his/her school site. In most cases, you’ll work with the school’s registrar. Register by the end of May  If the 1 st or 2 nd choice is not available DO NOT REGISTER FOR ANY OTHER CLASS  Students are to attend their class(es) beginning the very first day of school in September and then every day after that for the entire year. They must complete ALL assignments earning at least a “C” average.  If students do not complete the year or receive a grade below a “C”, their family will not be allowed to participate in the Spilt Day program again.

15 COMMUNITY COLLEGE OPTION  Preplanning is necessary for this option and the responsibility is yours  Check the web site of the college for enrollment procedures

16 Ohlone / Community College  K-9 and 10-12 permission packets  Turn in the community college school permission form for the director’s signature. This may take up to 72 hours so please plan ahead.  Admissions and records – K-12 Special Admission  K-12 students are exempt from paying the California Community College Enrollment Fee by are subject to other fees such as a Health Services Fee and online registration fee

17 Community College Reimbursement  Community College course reimbursement may be chosen instead of Split Day at your neighborhood Jr. High or High School  Reimbursement for class books and materials up to $100 per class, per semester

18 THINGS TO CONSIDER  Schedules  Transportation  Benefit to the student  Limitation on other activities  Must be flexible/organized  Must be in class every day  Is the class and/or school the right environment for the student?

19 CONTACT INFORMATION FOR SPLIT DAY Your Advisory Teacher ************************** Lisa Cole COIL Director (510) 797-0100 x29309

20 Thank you for attending the Split Day Meeting

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