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WELCOME TO REGISTRATION Interlake High School IB&AP An International Baccalaureate & Advanced Placement School.

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1 WELCOME TO REGISTRATION Interlake High School IB&AP An International Baccalaureate & Advanced Placement School

2 Registration Packet *Student Course Selection Form (Yellow)
Letter from Mrs. Frieboes-Gee Four Year Planning Guide Online Course Selection Instructions *School Nurse Health Information Forms HS Health and Immunization Info CTE Program Information Elective Course Offerings (Online) AP/IB and Elective options (Online) Math Sequence Options * Forms that must be returned to IHS counselors

3 High School Minimum Graduation Requirements
A minimum of credits are required for high school graduation in the Bellevue School District. Students earn a 0.5 credit for each class each semester. Additional graduation requirements are listed below. minimum cumulative 2.0 grade point average (GPA) (Athletic/Activity eligibility also requires a 2.0 GPA) minimum of 40 hours of Community Service pass Reading, Writing, Math & Science sections of new Smarter Balance Testing (11th grade) Suggest Four in the core subjects which helps to keep the options open

4 Are you on track to graduate?
If you have failed any classes in English, History, Math, or Science and have not replaced the credit, be sure you have a plan in place! Credit Retrieval is available NOW—See your counselor for registration paperwork Summer School registration is available as well in the counseling center 40 hours of Community Service turned in?

5 Your Future (4 year College Considerations)
Rigorous & Balanced schedule Senior year! 4 Years Math and Science Fine art (UC = 1 year of same class) World Language (2-3 years minimum) ACT or SAT Reasoning/SAT subject tests—Sign up and take them NOW! NCAA – register with NCAA eligibility center College visits – use breaks to visit IB/AP courses will prepare you for the rigor of a college curriculum.

6 Weighted Grades and Class Rank
Students who enroll in International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement (AP), and/or designated Honors (H) courses will have their grades calculated on a 5.0 scale (rather than a 4.0 scale) to determine their class rank. Class Rank is one of several factors that many colleges and universities use in addition to other criteria in their admission decisions (holistic review). For transcript records all courses will be calculated on a 4.0 scale to determine overall GPA. Class of 2016 is the last with a weighted rank

7 Please Choose Carefully
Courses will be offered next year only if enough students register this Spring to fill a class. It is very important that you think carefully about your choices now so that the courses you want will be available next year. Once your schedule is built, changing your schedule will happen only under extenuating circumstances.

8 WANIC See Mrs. Ball immediately to register if you are interested in a 2-period, year-long elective block class Available at Interlake for 10th graders: Welding (Agnew, Zero and First periods) and Horticulture (McKay, Sixth and Seventh periods)

9 Running Start Attend the info meeting on March 5th
Sign up for the COMPASS test at BC Attend a Running Start orientation meeting at BC Once you pass this test, let your counselor know and make an appointment to talk with them about your graduation plan.

10 English Options for 12th graders
You now have these classes to choose from: IB/AP Language and Literature HL 2 IB Literature 2/AP Lit Senior English College English 1 AND 2 (Gifted only)

11 Online Registration

12 Gray form  Fill out and return to your counselor on March You will have an individual appointment with your counselor.

13 White form  Health Forms must be returned with course selection forms. Make sure your PARENT fills this out!

14 Forms to Return Student Course Selection Form (Yellow)
School Nurse Health Information Form (White)

15 Registration Due Dates
Current 9th grade students will meet with the counselors the morning of March 4th and 5th in your English class. Current 10th grade students will meet with the counselors March in your Social Studies class. Current 11th grade students will meet with the counselors during the week of March You will receive an appointment reminder from Ms. Bickerstaff (counseling secretary) the day before.

16 Please Remember… …TO GO ONLINE AND COMPLETE YOUR REGISTRATION BEFORE YOUR MEETING WITH YOUR COUNSELOR! …to include alternates for your electives …to choose carefully – “you want it, you got it, you keep it” …to keep your course selection challenging and balanced …to contact your counselor if you have any questions about the registration process or specific classes that you should take

17 Fall Sports Forms Students participating in Fall Sports must have sports forms and fees turned in by August 21st. Football is due May 22nd. Summer office hours begin August 10th from 9:00-1:00. First day of Practice: Football August 19 Volleyball August 24 Soccer August 24 Cross Country August 24 Boy’s golf August 24 Girl’s Swim August 24 Boy’s Tennis August 24

18 Contact Us Alicia Williams (A-C)
Carri McDermott (D-J) Maya Vergien (K-M) Chelsea Kearns (N-Sn) Scott Marcum (So-Z) Call the Counseling Center

19 Group Questions??

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