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Articulation Planning a Schedule for Next Year. High School Graduation Requirements.

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1 Articulation Planning a Schedule for Next Year

2 High School Graduation Requirements

3 A student must--- Earn a grade point average of 2.0 for all course work taken in grades 9 - 12 Earn 44 credits (possible 6 credits per semester) Pass the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) Meet citizenship requirements Pass all required courses Senior Portfolio and Exhibition (collect 9 - 12)

4 Required classes English Math Science 8 semesters, including American Literature 6 semesters, including Algebra, Geometry, and a third year of a high school math course 6 semesters, including Biology, Chemistry and/or Physics, and 3rd year of elective science

5 Required classes Social Studies Physical Education 6 semesters, including World History, U.S. History, Government, Economics 4 semesters. Required in 9th and 10th grades.

6 Required courses Fine/Practical Arts World language is not required for graduation Computer Literacy Option A -- 2 semesters of world language, 1 semester of fine or practical arts Option B -- 2 semesters of fine art, 1 semester of practical art

7 Post-high school choices Attend a 4-year college Attend a 2-year college Participate in a program to train for a particular job Military Employment

8 University of California California State University A - G Entrance Requirements

9 A - G Minimum admission requirements A World History -- 1 year; U.S. History 1-- year B English -- 4 years C Mathematics -- 3 years (4 recommended) D Science -- 2 years of lab science E World Language -- 2 years F Visual & Performing Arts -- 1 year G College Preparatory Elective -- 1 year

10 Additional College Entrance Factors 10 - 11 Grade Point Average (A - G GPA for the University of California) Number of courses beyond the minimum requirements Number of advanced courses Test scores -- SAT Reasoning Test (SAT I) or ACT Plus Writing, and two SAT Subject Tests (SAT II) for the University of California (class of 2012 will not be required to take subject tests)

11 English Options

12 Social Studies

13 Math options Next year’s math placement depends on your student’s present class, the grade in math, and the teacher’s recommendation Each student is required to ask for his/her math teacher’s recommendation on the articulation sheet

14 10th - 12th Grade Science Options Next year’s science placement depends on your present science and math classes, your grades in those classes, and your science teacher’s recommendation Each student is required to ask for his/her science teacher’s recommendation on the articulation sheet Questions can be answered by Mr. Perkins, Science Dept. Chair

15 Choosing your student’s other classes Each student is different, but keep in mind that a minimum college-prep program consists of 4 academic classes Many students have 5 or 6 A - G classes A - G classes are chosen from World Languages, Science, Computer Science, Human Psychology, AP Art History, Film Arts, AP Psychology, etc.

16 Teacher recommendations World Language -- teacher recommendation required for all students for second year and beyond Athletics --- must have a coach’s signature. Contact the athletic director, Ed Yandall at

17 Answering your questions All students must be enrolled in 6 periods List alternative courses Discuss course choices with your student and sign the articulation sheet 9th -10th -11th - return completed articulation sheet to English teacher

18 Summer School ?

19 This is your child’s future. Help him/her to think carefully and make good decisions.

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