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academic Planning school year

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1 academic Planning 2015-2016 school year
Vista del Lago academic Planning school year Provided by the Vista del Lago Counseling Department

2 Quick Reference Guide For the most updated information and resources visit our website at: Registration Process …slide 5 Curriculum Guide …slide 6 Vista del Lago Graduation Requirements …slide 7 Fill-In the blank 4 year plan …slide 10 Sample 4 year plan …slide 11 University and Community College entrance requirements and information …slides 12-16 ACT and SAT information …slides 17-18 High school and college planning resources …slides 19-23

3 VDL Overview Each year, a student has an opportunity to take 8 courses over two terms Students will be enrolled in 4 courses per term Vista del Lago students will earn 5 credits per semester for each course they pass Credit is given towards FCUSD graduation requirements for a grade of D or better in coursework “D” grades do not satisfy pre-requisite requirements for higher level courses. Semester grades stand alone, meaning they are not averaged‘ for a final‘ grade Please note: The University of California and California State University Systems require a grade of a C or better to satisfy college admission requirements

4 VDL Course Registration Process
Your elective choices, in conjunction with the core classes that are required for each grade level, will comprise all of the courses that you will be enrolled in next year. Courses that exceed the minimum graduation requirements are considered electives. The core courses required for grades 9-12 already appear on the registration form for that grade level.  Step 1: Registration materials will be presented in your advisory class on January 28th Step 2: Refer to the counseling website for FCUSD Graduation Requirements and Minimum College Admissions requirements , a four year planning guide , NCAA requirements if you plan on playing college sports and course sequencing information. Step 3: Bubble in your core required classes. Step 4: Fill in the remaining electives courses for meeting FCUSD graduation requirements, University of California, California State University entrance requirements and/ or NCAA eligibility requirements. Please make sure that you pay attention to the requirements that a course fulfills and the pre-requisites of the courses you are choosing on your registration form. Step 5: If you are selecting an Honors or AP course, please read the Program Policy and Procedures posted online on the AP website. Then initial the correct place on the registration form that you read them and agree to them. Step 6: Please submit a signed Teacher/Office Assistant form if you wish to be considered for an aid position. Forms must be obtained from the person you wish to tutor for. Step 7: Obtain a parent signature on the registration form. The parent/ guardian’s signature indicates agreement with the choices listed on the registration form. Step 8: Turn in your completed registration form to the counseling office by Feb 4th.

5 VDLHS Counseling Website address

6 To access the VDL curriculum guide: http://www. fcusd
The curriculum guide contains essential information for planning a high school program, selecting courses and completing the annual registration process. To receive a high school diploma, students must earn 220 credits in the designated credit areas and pass the California High School Exit Exam. The graduation requirements are dictated by the Folsom Cordova Unified School District Board of Education, and the State of California.


8 An Elective is defined as any class that either exceeds the graduation subject requirements or that does not meet a graduation subject requirement area: Every student needs to complete at least 55 credits of electives in order to meet the graduation requirements. Once the requirements have been met in any specific subject area, each additional course completed in that subject area will work to fulfill the elective requirement. Office or teacher assistant, second year or more of a foreign language, a third year of Fitness, AP Calculus, AP Chemistry are all examples of electives. None of these specific courses are required to earn a diploma from VDLHS.


10 Alternative Ways to Earn Credits
Summer School Location to be determined Remedial courses are open to student s who did not perform as well as expected in a core class to fulfill a graduation requirement Remedial courses offered for Summer 2015 English 9, 10, 11, 12 Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 Physical Earth Science, Biology World Cultures, US History, Econ./Government Enrichment courses are offered on a year-to-year basis depending upon funding. Applications will be available through FCUSD Adult Education available Spring 2014 Check the Vista del Lago website for summer school information available Spring 2015




14 Approved UC “a-g” Course List
Courses taught at Vista del Lago High School that fulfill the UC/CSU subject requirements are listed in boldface in the curriculum guide and will appear in bold on the registration form. These approved courses can also be found online by entering “Vista del Lago High School” at the following website:

15 Independent Colleges and Universities
Students meeting the UC/CSU admission requirements generally will meet the admission requirements of many California and out-of-state private colleges and universities. Refer to the specific institution’s website and/or catalog for further details.

16 Community Colleges All students who have earned a high school diploma are eligible to apply to California Community Colleges Students planning to attend community college are encouraged to meet CSU/UC “a-g” requirements, with high grades, to avoid costly and time-consuming remediation courses at the community college Community colleges offer students the opportunity to complete certificates and associate’s degree programs in a wide variety of career fields or to complete courses preparing the student to transfer to a university as they work towards a bachelor’s degree

17 Transfer Admission Guarantees-TAGS
California Community Colleges throughout the state offer transfer guarantee agreements with some UC, CSU and private college campuses. TAGS allow community college students to do their general education and major preparation at a community college, with the promise that they may transfer to the university when they have completed the required number of general education and major preparation credits while maintaining the required GPA.

18 NCAA Eligibility Course Requirements
Division I Division II 16 Core Courses 4 years of English 3 years of Math (Algebra I or higher) 2 years of natural/physical science (1 year of lab) 1 year of additional English, math, or natural/physical science 2 years of social science 4 years of additional courses (from any area above, foreign language, or comparative religion/philosophy) 16 Core Courses 3 years of English 2 years of Math (Algebra I or higher) 2 years of natural/physical science (1 year of lab) 3 years of additional English, math, or natural/physical science 2 years of social science 4 years of additional courses (from any area above, foreign language, or comparative religion/philosophy)

19 To sign up to take the ACT:

20 To sign up to take the SAT:

21 UC/CSU/Independent Colleges


23 Site for college searches:

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