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A Guide to being Consumer Savvy in the 21st Century

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1 A Guide to being Consumer Savvy in the 21st Century
A must read for all teenagers!!!!!

2 Persuasive Techniques
Advertisers use many persuasive techniques to try and sell their products to us. As teenagers we need to be aware of these techniques otherwise we will need up spending all of our money on things we don’t need. Read this guide and it will help you navigate the world of Advertising!!!

3 Slogans How many times after watching TV do you have a particular advert stuck in your head?? Advertisers use slogans to help you remember their product and so when you are at the shop you will choose their product to buy. Famous slogans include ………

4 Beauty Appeal There are many products out there that try and convince you that if you use it you will be more beautiful. For example, take the Cover Girl advert, Taylor Swift is trying to convince you to use the new make-up that covers all your blemishes. The advertisers never talk about the beauty that is found inside of everyone. Be careful to believe these products and adverts, you are beautiful just the way God made you. Watch the Cover Girl advert here….

5 Celebrity Appeal Many companies use celebrities to advertise their product. They use celebrities because many teenagers want to be like celebrities and therefore will buy the product if a celebrity endorses it. Celebrities are used on posters, TV commercials and even on the internet. Check out this advert for Nike and see how many celebrities you can spot.

6 Survival Hints for Teenagers
Follow these 6 simple hints and you will survive the world of Advertising…. Check out where the products are made Check prices before you buy something. If you want something new, wait and week and see if you still want it Save some of your money and give to someone needy You don’t have to have the latest product to be cool. Buy Fair-trade chocolate…look for this logo

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