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Persuasive Writing Advertisements.

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1 Persuasive Writing Advertisements

2 Advertisements are a special type of persuasive writing.
Their purpose is to sell a product or a service. They do this by aiming at a particular type of customer. They use carefully chosen, positive language. They appeal to some aspect of the reader’s personality.

3 They use carefully chosen language to appeal to their target audience.
The Best Number One Special Offer Fun Genuine Free! Cool Latest Fashion Exclusive Cheaper Bargain Smart The Total Experience Look No Further Guaranteed Result

4 Leaflets and Posters Must look attractive and be easy to read;
Use headings with different sizes and styles of writing to make the leaflet look interesting; Include all the relevant facts in a logical and clear way; Attempt to persuade the reader using slogans or persuasive language; Include pictures if it improves the leaflet, but don't spend too long on them.

5 Catchy Slogan Clear Offer Clear Menu Illustration Clear Writing Terms and Conditions

6 The Amazing Alien Phone!!!
Old phone getting you down? Never works when you need it most? Well look no further, the Amazing Alien phone is here! It’s funky, it’s sleek, it’s cool! Your will be envied by your friends! Features: Cool ring tones Plenty of fantastic games Easy to use speed buttons Do not delay, buy one today! Only £399.99

Plan For Advert Quote Font/Colours Quote Picture Features Questions Features Persuasive text Persuasive text Tip:- DON’T FORGET YOUR SMALL PRINT AT THE BOTTOM! – Price etc

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