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Persuasive Techniques

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1 Persuasive Techniques
6th grade

2 Target Audience Advertisers must know how to target their audiences
use appropriate persuasive techniques Target Audience is the audience that the advertisers want to focus on to sell their product to.

3 Persuasion Techniques
Bandwagon Snob Appeal 2. Testimonial Emotional Appeal Plain Folks 4. Faulty Reasoning Slogan Repetition

4 Bandwagon You are urged to do or believe something because everyone else does. Ex: Be where the action is. Shop at Hang-out Mall!

5 Bandwagon- Snob Appeal
This technique suggests that you can be like the expensively dressed, perfectly shaped people who use this product.   Example: I accept only the best, and that's why I buy Aloft perfume.

6 Testimonial Famous people endorse a product or idea. Example:
I'm professional football player, JJ Watt, and I use Wash Out window cleaner. Justin Beiber uses Proactive.

7 Emotional Appeal Words or images that appeal to the audience's emotions are used. The appeal may be to positive emotions, such as desire for success, or to negative ones, such as fear or sadness. Example: What would you do if all your possessions were lost in a fire? Get the Save-All fireproof safe and protect your valuables.


9 Emotional Appeal- Plain Folks
Ordinary people sell a message. You are to believe that because these people are like you, they can be trusted. Much like a Testimonial but plays on your emotions Example: As a construction worker, I often get headaches on the job. That's why I use PainAway aspirin.

10 Faulty Reasoning Used to manipulate how you feel about someone or something- the main idea doesn’t support the conclusion. Example: Shampoo commercial- "If you don't use our hair products, your hair will thin, you'll lose your hair, and nobody will want to be your friend." That doesn't support the conclusion, by saying that by not using the shampoo, nobody will like you.

11 Slogan A catchy phrase or statement often used to sell a service or a product “Can you hear me now?”

12 Repetition The name of a product is repeated many times.
HEAD ON Apply directly to the forehead HEAD ON Apply directly to the forehead HEAD ON Apply directly to the forehead

13 Quick review Slogan Repetition Bandwagon Testimonial Emotional Appeal
Faulty Reasoning

14 Who’s the audience?

15 Audience?

16 Audience? Purpose? Persuasive technique?

17 Audience? Purpose? Persuasive technique?

18 Audience?

19 Audience? Purpose?

20 Audience? Purpose?

21 Audience? Purpose? Persuasive technique?

22 Audience? Persuasive technique?

23 Relevant facts Advertisers spend about $200 billion a year on TV advertising The average cost for Super Bowl ads is $2.6 million per 30 second spot The average American watches about 24,000 TV commercials a year

24 Making Connections What is your favorite jingle?
What slogan for a product do you find yourself saying? What TV commercial has influenced you to make a purchase? Since Tubby Smith and Billy Gillispie shop at Kroger, does that mean we should too?

25 Reflection “Persuasion is all around you” In addition to TV commercials, where else do you see persuasion all around you? Is that persuasion influencing you or your family in any way? Explain.

26 Activity Identifying advertisements (critically evaluating) Reading the fine print (incorporating math)

27 Propaganda and Debating Topics

28 Group Project

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