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The Growth of Nationalism

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1 The Growth of Nationalism
Chapter 8 Section 4

2 Nationalism The growth of power and influence of the federal government Or -

3 Dartmouth College v. Woodward
New Hampshire wanted to change the colleges charter from private school to public

4 McCulloch v. Maryland Supreme Court ruled that Congress did have the power to charter a National Bank This gave the federal government power that goes beyond the Constitution

5 Gibbons V. Ogden The Supreme Court declared that

6 How do each of these court rulings support Nationalism?

7 Dartmouth College v. Woodward
Prevented state interference in business contracts

8 McCulloch v. Maryland Supported the principle that

9 Gibbons v. Ogden Established the

10 Monroe Doctrine 1. U.S. would not interfere in European affairs
2. U.S. would not interfere in colonies and states in Western Hemisphere 3. 4.

11 Why did President Monroe believe it was necessary to create the Monroe Doctrine?  
To create a policy to ease tensions with Great Britain and formally address the possibility that

12 American System A combination of government backed economic development and protective tariffs aimed at encouraging business growth

13 What two new political parties emerged in the 1820s, and how did their views differ?
National Republicans Jacksonian Democrats

14 Why might someone have supported John Quincy Adams in the 1824 election?
Son of President John Adams Been in politics since 1803 Former senator Served as a diplomat in Europe Served as Secretary of State

15 Why might someone have supported Henry Clay in the 1824 election?
Gifted speech maker Desired to end slavery

16 Why might someone have supported John C. Calhoun in the 1824 election?
Served in House of Representatives President Monroe’s Secretary of War Sponsored economic measures that helped unify the nation


18 Why might someone have supported Andrew Jackson in the 1824 election?
Served in Congress in the 1790s Brilliant general

19 What was the corrupt bargain and who did it benefit?
1824- Jackson won the most votes in the electoral college, but not the needed majority

20 Clay used his influence to swing enough votes to Adams to win

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