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Service Learning By: Markevis G. Timothy P. Josh S.

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2 Service Learning By: Markevis G. Timothy P. Josh S.

3 My Child  1 Visit  Operated the robot dog  Go through a few tutorials  Children are easily bored

4 Reflection So far we have only had one visit to the school, and I have already learned a huge amount. The first thing that I quickly realized is that the students are easily distracted. So I figured that once we all break into our own groups it will be easier to converse with the students at their level, to make it less difficult to teach the students.

5 My Child No Visits I am not sure who my child is

6 Reflection  After speaking with Markevis, I quickly came up with a mental image. After brainstorming some different ideas, I figured that by relating my past experiences to the child’s, it will draw the student to me; which will make the student listen to me, even if I am teaching him Computer Science!

7 First Visit Summary  Things we need to work on changing:  Keeping the students interest  Involving more student activity  Having more individual time with students  Things that worked well  Explaining the robot  Examples of artificial intelligence  Relating artificial intelligence to the students’ lives

8 Lesson Plan  Discuss computer programming  Uses of programming  Examples of programming  Discuss activities my student enjoys  Try and learn what student enjoys to possibly include in story  Find out what level the student is on with computer programming  Go through Alice Tutorials  Practice using Alice throughout tutorial  Find out what actions the student might want to include in story  Show student our example  Discuss how we created out example  Have student help finish our example

9 Our Alice Example  There are two characters: the man and the bunny.  The man and the bunny have a short conversation  The bunny hops to the house and begins eating the flowers around the house  The man scolds the bunny  The ending will be created by the student

10  In our first visit, we spoke about artificial intelligence and showed the kids the AIBO. The feature I was supposed to speak about was the camera features in the AIBO.  The main problem that we had during our presentation was that we needed to have more experience with the robot ourselves. We should have been more prepared to present the feature that each of us were designated to present.

11  During the next visit we will be presenting the features of Alice. We also made our own example in Alice which we will first present to them. we should then show them the tutorial then talk about the objects and how they are made up of several parts and then ask them to create some methods that do certain things.  The example that our team created contained a rabbit, a man, a house and some flowers. The rabbit would first hop to the man, speak to him then go to the flowers that were next to the house, eat them and then the man would get angry at the rabbit. We then decided that we would ask the kids to complete the story.

12 Joshua Sorsby Child I am working with  ?  So far we have had 1 visit and we showed the students the robot dog.

13 Reflection The students responded well to the dog and were very interested. We need to improve how much we talk to the students.

14 A Personal Reflection with Tony The first time I met the children I thought they were all very nice kids with a lot of potential for wanting to understand robotics and programming. This made me feel much like a teacher although I was some what nervous because I was unfamiliar with their background and therefore I did not know if they would except me as their teacher. Luckily I did not have to present my portion of the AIBO Robot dog to the class first so this allowed me to gain comfort in standing in front of them and observe what the other teachers were doing. As it was my turn to present I felt almost at ease, I saw that the children were responsive and interested in what I was saying and they seemed interested as well. This reinforced my confidence and my presentation went smoothly from that point on. I hope and plan that one on one work with me student will be less nerve racking.

15 A Lesson Plan from Tony I plan to cover the following topics with my student the next time we meet 1)Introduction to the Alice programming environment. 2)I will run through the tutorial with the student. 3)I will then instruct and help the student recreate the tutorial but on their own. 4)Time permitting I will discus story board correlation with algorithms.

16 Service Learning by: Joey Ofori Child Name:  Visits: 2  Material: AIBO the first day, Alice the second day  First Day we talked about AIBO and how it works, reacts, functions, and different parts of the dog  Second Day,_____ played with the Alice program, I showed him through the tutorial, and he got to play with all the features and got used to the program.  What Went Wrong/Well  The first day, we did not know much about AIBO so we couldn’t really say to much about it  What went well was the cooperation between the kids and students, they asked questions, we answered them, everything went smoothly  Improvements  The only improvement is to be prepared

17 REFLECTION  What I Learned  The only thing I really learned was that spreading knowledge interactively can have an impact on another’s future  My Reflection  I thought this was a real good experience, I used to be a teacher for little kids younger than these so I knew how it would be like, but it was really fun, and we got to meet new people who we could put an influence on in their lives. We helped play with programs that could help them be better in the real world as they find careers. We all learn from each other and the best way to do it is working together, and this has proved this.


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