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7th Grade Grammar Vocabulary and Notes.

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1 7th Grade Grammar Vocabulary and Notes

2 Instructions for Grammar Lessons
Every time we have a grammar lesson you are expected to take notes. Since you will not be able to take the textbook home, your notes will help you with completing your homework and with studying for tests. You need to write down the vocabulary and any notes on the powerpoint. I may also write notes on the board which you will need to write down too.

3 Grammar Lesson 1 Vocab: Adapt means to adjust, accommodate, or modify to fit. Adept means expert or proficient. Adopt means to embrace, espouse, or take by choice.

4 Four Types of Sentences
A sentence is a group of words that expresses a complete thought. A capital letter begins each sentence. 4 types of sentences: Declarative: makes a statement and ends with a period. Interrogative: asks a question and ends with a question mark. Imperative: expresses a command or a request and ends with a period. Exclamatory: shows excitement or strong feeling and ends with an !.

5 Grammar Lesson 2 Vocab: The Greek prefix macro- means large or long.
Macrocosm: the entire world or the universe, or a system that contains subsystems. Macrofossil: a fossil large enough to see with the naked eye Macron: the symbol placed over a vowel to indicate a long vowel sound

6 Simple Subject/Simple Predicate
A sentence has two main parts: the subject and the predicate. Subject: the part that tells who or what the sentence is about. Predicate: the part that tells something about the subject. The complete subject or predicate may consist of a single word or of many words. A subject or predicate consisting of many words always has an essential part that we call the simple subject or simple predicate.

7 Simple subject The main word or words in a sentence that tell who or what is doing or being something Understood subject: in an imperative sentence, the subject “you” is understood

8 Simple predicate The verb A verb expresses action or being
If the verb contains more than one word we call this the verb phrase. Split predicate: in interrogative sentences, we usually find parts of the predicate split by the subject

9 Grammar Lesson 3 Vocab: Human: an adjective, means characteristic of man Humane: an adjective, means kind or compassionate

10 Complete Sentences, Sentence Fragments, and Run-on Sentences
Complete sentence: expresses a complete thought, has both a subject and predicate Sentence fragments: a piece of a sentence that lacks a subject or a verb or both Run-on sentences: two complete thoughts, written or spoken as one sentence without proper punctuation or connecting words



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