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Kinds of sentences page 32

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1 Kinds of sentences page 32
Grammar Unit 1 Lesson 1 Kinds of sentences page 32

2 What is a sentence? A sentence is a group of words that expresses a complete thought. There are four kinds:

3 Kinds of sentences 1. Declarative: makes a statement. Ends with a period. 2. Interrogative: asks a question. Ends with a question mark. 3. Imperative: Gives a command or makes a request. Ends with a period. 4. Exclamatory: Expresses strong feeling. Ends with exclamation mark.

4 Try it out Look at page 33 #1-10. Try them in your notes.
Let’s go through them together when you are finished. If you finish ahead of time, you may: Read ahead, try extra problems, smile willingly

5 Now try numbers 11-20 in your notes.
If you don’t finish them in class, they are due before our next Grammar period. You are responsible for completing them beforehand.

6 Writing good sentences
It’s important to vary sentence structures. If we don’t, writing can get a bit boring. Also, pay attention to run-on sentences. If you think your sentence is too long, or if it gets confusing, just add a period and start a new sentence. You want your writing to be as clear and correct as possible.

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