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Interactive Notebooks

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1 Interactive Notebooks
Science Notebook

2 Have you ever caught yourself saying…
I can't find my . . . notes, homework, old quizzes . . . I can't remember what we did in class yesterday. I'm sure it's somewhere in... my desk my cubby my book bag my room I don't know how to do my homework! What do I use to study for the quiz or test? I was absent yesterday, did I miss anything?

3 If so, interactive notebooks are your answer to success!
When will I use them? You will be using interactive notebooks in math, science, and social studies. You will also use them in 4th grade! Do they go home? You’re math notebook should go home nightly to help you with your homework. All notebooks go home on Thursdays with your Thursday folder so someone at home can look at them to make sure they are complete and you are doing your best work! Will they be graded? YES!!! Your teacher will collect them and grade them about once every 1-2 weeks. Are they class work or homework? BOTH! Right side is always class work. Left side is not. Usually ou will be given class time to work on your left side but if you don’t finish you will have to work on it at home. You have to be responsible and make sure you are keeping up!

4 What is an interactive notebook?
Your own personalized text book that includes everything you’ve learned throughout the year! A helpful tool that will help you complete your homework each and every night (especially math). Yes you will need to take your math notebook home each night! Study tool for quizzes and tests Great resource for end of the year review Helps you stay organized! You never have to worry about losing papers. Allows for the 4 C’s: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication!

5 Interactive Notebook Supplies
glue sticks (about 2 PER MONTH) pencils scissors MEAD Notebook NOT SPIRAL!!! Science (1) Social Studies (1) Math (2) 8x11” paper white and colored Markers: Optional and only allowed for outlining colored pencils or crayons 1-2 packs

6 How is it organized? The Right Side is teacher directed and is restricted for the teacher only. This is where you will learn new information and take notes on what you learn. You will learn exactly how to take notes on this side. The Left Side is the your side. This is the side that you show your understanding of the right side. It is your independent practice. You will use both sides to help you at home when you are doing your HW. Table of Contents: You will number all of your pages in your notebook by writing them on the upper right hand corner. You will keep your notebooks organized by using a table of contents at the beginning of your notebook. You will need to skip the first 4 pages of your notebook for a table of contents. Your table of contents will include page numbers and lesson titles.

7 How each page needs to be setup
Date Page Number Daily Objective Your notes go here! How each page needs to be setup

8 Power Point Presentation
Examples of Right Side Here are examples of ways you might be introduced to new learning by your teacher. You will be taking notes on one of the following. Video Article Lecture Smart Board Lesson Power Point Presentation Guest Speaker Text Book Chapter Book Internet Field Trip

9 Example of Right Side: Cornell Notes (You will use this note taking strategy in SS/Science. Students are asked to write a summary and draw pictures of key ideas after they take notes)

10 Example of Right Side: Math
Notice the notes are very guided. This is not always the case. There will be times you will be taking all of the notes yourself. You will need to know how to take notes before 4th grade. There will always be notes and guided practice on the right side.

11 Examples of Left Side “Product” Assignments
Graphic Organizers Draw/Analyze Pictures Poems Foldables Brochures Comics Experiments Song Rewrite Sensory Figures Advertisements Short Cut Comic Be the Teacher: Create a Quiz Technology Text Message Summary Wanted Hero Poster Timeline Magazine Cover Newspaper Article On Your Own Research

12 Left Side Examples

13 Left Side Examples

14 Left Side Examples

15 Left Side Examples

16 Left Side Examples

17 Dinah Zike’s Foldables
Left Side Examples Dinah Zike’s Foldables

18 Left Side Examples: Dinah Zike Foldables!

19 Dinah Zike’s Foldables

20 Left Side Examples: Dinah Zike Foldables!

21 Left Side Examples: Dinah Zike Foldables!

22 Left Side Ideas: Dinah Zike’s Foldables

23 Left Side Examples w/ Technology

24 Social Studies & Science Rubric
Lesson: Right Side (Teacher Side) ____ Notes including handwriting are neat and completed with care ____ Notes are complete, detailed, and organized. Left Side (Student Side) ____ The assignment including handwriting is neat, and completed with care ____ The assignment is complete ____ The assignment is completed according to instructions given by the teacher ____ The assignment is correct ____ The left side shows a thorough understanding of the right side (2 Points) ____ Color has been used to make the assignment neat and attractive. Organization and Timeliness ____ Pages are attached securely, left side/right side order intact ____ Pages numbers and dates are included and at the top of each page ____ The notebook assignment was completed and turned in on time Creativity ____ Student’s assignment is creative and thought provoking. Evidence of Additional Thinking/Effort – WOW Factor ____ Student put exceptional effort into both right and left side assignments. Assignment goes above and beyond the requirements. Social Studies & Science Rubric

25 Math Interactive Notebook Rubric Student Name: ___________________
√++ 105% All notes (right side) and independent practice (left side) are 100% complete. Handwriting is their best at all times, pages are well organized, and notes are completed with great care. Student goes above and beyond expectations. √+ 100% Handwriting is neat, -pages are organized, and notes are completed with care. 85% Almost all notes (right side) and independent practice (left side) are complete. Handwriting is neat, but not their best. Pages are organized and notes are completed with care. √- 77% Some notes (right side) and independent practice (left side) are complete. Handwriting is somewhat legible, pages are not completely organized , and notes are completed with not much care. √-- 70% Most notes (right side) and independent practice (left side) are incomplete or missing. Handwriting is very sloppy, pages are not very organized, and notes are not completed with care Incomplete 50% Little to all notes (right side) and independent practice (left side) are incomplete or missing.

26 Review: You will use interactive notebooks in math, science, & SS
They will be collected for grades You MUST take home your math notebook everyday for math and only when there is homework or work to be finished for science and social studies. Always try to get the WOW factor by exceeding expectations. In other words, always do your best work and BE CREATIVE! NEVER leave your notebook at home Take really good care of your notebook Always keep up to date with your page numbers, dates, and table of contents. Don’t get your left and right side confused. Make sure you use enough glue, but not too much! Also, don’t forget that we can always use more glue sticks!!

27 Questions?

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