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Interactive Science Notebooks Mr. Pullins 7 th Grade Science.

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1 Interactive Science Notebooks Mr. Pullins 7 th Grade Science

2 Think about a time when you thought… I can’t find my notes I can’t remember what we did in class yesterday I was absent last week, did I miss anything? I can’t remember where I left my homework

3 The Answer Interactive notebooks can help you answer those questions once and for all.

4 What is an interactive notebook? An Interactive Science Notebook (ISN) is your own personalized diary of learning about science. A portfolio of your work in ONE convenient spot. A great tool for studying for quizzes and tests. An organizational tool that gives you permission to be playful and creative in your responses without “messing up” your notes. Allows you to work like a real scientist.

5 Real scientists use notebooks…


7 Why composition? Scientists NEVER tear out pages in their notebooks. ALL ideas (even wrong ones) serve a purpose and are valuable. What if I mess up?

8 Which side are you on? The notebook is divided into TWO sections: The LEFT side “LOVES” student work. – This is the side that you can use to show me your creativity. This is the “output” side. The RIGHT side is “RESTRICTED” and contains only information given by Mr. Pullins – Nothing else should be on the right side. This is the “input” side.

9 The Sides Left side LOVES student work Right side RESTRICTED to teacher input

10 A closer look at the left side The LEFT SIDE belongs to you It contains daily comprehension checks and discussion questions It contains the day’s activity Diagrams, cartoons, foldables, drawings, etc. Let your CREATIVITY show! Always use COLOR Odd pages = 1, 3, 5, 7, etc


12 A closer look at the right side The RIGHT side belongs to the teacher and should only contain information given or “input” from Mr. Pullins Nothing else should be on this page! The RIGHT side contains all testable material Powerpoint notes, vocabulary words, lab procedures, study guides, etc. Even pages = 2, 4, 6, 8, etc

13 What do I need for my ISN? A composition notebook (no spiral or binder) No markers! (they bleed through and mess up the back side of your page) Highlighters are OK Scissors Glue stick Colored pencils

14 Getting Started On the front cover of your notebook, write: Your name 7th grade science

15 Table of Contents At the top of PAGES 1-4, write “Table of Contents” Using a ruler, divide each page into 3 columns Title them: Activity, Description, Page # ActivityDescriptionPage #

16 Heading Each page should have the activity’s title in the upper left corner and the date in the upper right corner. (See board for example) Number the page as you get to it in the bottom right corner.

17 Notebook Rules NO ripped out or torn pages NO doodling that isn’t related to the activity Notebook is for science class ONLY NUMBER each page as you go along ALL entries must go in the Table of Contents Be COLORFUL and LOVE your notebook

18 Remember… Take care of your notebook Be neat and creative – your notebook is a reflection of YOU Notebooks will be assessed throughout the year, so always make sure it is up to date You MUST bring your notebook with you to class EVERY DAY!

19 Author Page On page 0, fill the page with pictures and words that describe yourself. Be creative and use effort. Pictures must be colorful. Examples: favorite sports, favorite activities, pets, family members, music, movies, etc.

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