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Joint Unit Liaison Meeting 1 INFORMATION AND TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Transforming U-M: Joint UL Meeting July 21, 2009.

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1 Joint Unit Liaison Meeting 1 INFORMATION AND TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Transforming Technology @ U-M: Joint UL Meeting July 21, 2009

2 Joint Unit Liaison Meeting 2 Agenda  The Case for Change  IT Vision for the Future  Phases of Change Alignment and Culture Governance Organizational Structure Rationalization of IT Shared Infrastructure  Interactive Session Roundtable discussions (answer three questions) Report-out  Closing Thoughts

3 Joint Unit Liaison Meeting 3 The Case for Change TechnologyShifting Demographics Economic Crisis Mega Trends Impacting Higher Education Potential U-M IT Opportunities Social networks, mobile apps Central networks, virtualization High-performance computing capacity Publishing and search technologies Support distant independence/ remote computing Deans want help recruiting international students 24/7 operations Unique opportunity to differentiate U-M and raise the bar Eliminate redundancies and reinvest Learning Research Repositories and Collaboration State Issues Auto Industry Crisis 2012 Global Recession International Impact Digital Natives

4 Joint Unit Liaison Meeting 4 U-M Challenges Structure Competition University Technology Challenges Potential U-M IT Opportunities Unique opportunity to differentiate U-M and raise the bar Provision research Tiered storage, server & desktop virtualization, etc. Develop customer- centric approach Include constituencies in solutions Silos (and silos with silos) Decentralized Redundancy Governance Who can I call? Service gaps Inconsistent delivery Behind in key areas Constraints on grants proposals Difficulty meeting expectations IT User Perspective Eliminate redundancies and reinvest Align IT across U-M Create shared infrastructure

5 Joint Unit Liaison Meeting 5 Vision for the Future  Enable innovation, learning, and discovery  Provide exceptional information technology solutions and services  Optimize IT across campus  Create an adaptable organization that can quickly respond to campus needs

6 Joint Unit Liaison Meeting 6 Phases of Change Learning, Teaching, & Discovery

7 Joint Unit Liaison Meeting 7 Alignment and Culture Guiding Principles: Our Framework  Rationalize/optimize IT across the University  Prioritize IT learning and discovery products and services  Foster innovation  Nurture staff development  Be operationally efficient  Reinvest Continued…

8 Joint Unit Liaison Meeting 8 Guiding Principles: Our Framework  Create enterprise standards and policies  Empower leaders  clear decision-making rights  Enable an adaptable organization — think of building blocks vs. forever terms Continued… Alignment and Culture

9 Joint Unit Liaison Meeting 9 Guiding Principles: Our Framework  Utilize senior-level domain stewards (non-IT U-M leaders) ● Physical Resources● Human Resources ● Student Administration● Learning & Teaching ● Libraries, Archives & Repositories● Research ● Fundraising● Student Co-curricular ● Health Care● Infrastructure ● Finance Alignment and Culture

10 Joint Unit Liaison Meeting 10 Governance Provost/Chief Financial Officer IT Executive Council Associate Vice President Faculty Deans Provost CFO

11 Joint Unit Liaison Meeting 11 Day 1: Organizational Structure Associate Vice President Applications & Information Services Learning & Research Services (Interim) Telecomm, Networks, & Data Center Operations Infrastructure Services Process & Service Management Strategy and Enterprise Architecture Services Information and Infrastructure Assurance Solution Centers Administration (Communications, Human Resources, Finance & Facilities) Transition Team TBD

12 Joint Unit Liaison Meeting 12 Rationalize IT Across Campus  Collaboration with IT Commons  Capture efficiencies and reinvest  Moving common services to the shared environment enables units to: Increase focus on your unit’s unique needs Better meet specific requirements of your faculty and students  Deliver quick wins  Server virtualization  Power and patch management  Analysis of telecommunications and email  Need your input

13 Joint Unit Liaison Meeting 13 Develop Shared Infrastructure Foundation Enterprise Campus Forest Mobile Apps Collaboration Tools Learning & Research Tools Identity Management Enterprise Directory Units Curriculum-specific Software CAC High Performance Computing TBD Faculty/Staff Mobile Devices Business Intelligence Social Networking

14 Joint Unit Liaison Meeting 14 U-M World-class Cyberinfrastructure

15 Joint Unit Liaison Meeting 15 Questions What are the lessons of the past? (positive and negative)

16 Joint Unit Liaison Meeting 16 Questions What did you hear here today that excites you and that you want to take forward?

17 Joint Unit Liaison Meeting 17 Questions What IT gaps does your unit have? What are the top five products or services your unit wants from New IT ?

18 Joint Unit Liaison Meeting 18 Open Q & A

19 Joint Unit Liaison Meeting 19 Our Commitment to You… Keep in mind this organization structure is only the first step up. We will: Keep your projects moving forward Maintain customer satisfaction Combine the strengths of ITCS, ITSS, and MAIS Deliver new services this year Keep you informed Build a world-class cyberinfrastructure

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