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ITANA Panel: Using Enterprise Architecture to Drive Business Value Charles F. Leonhardt

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1 ITANA Panel: Using Enterprise Architecture to Drive Business Value Charles F. Leonhardt

2 Technology Disruptions in Higher Education Technology Modernization Strategy Guiding Principles What We Have Done What We Are Doing What We Need to Do Savings for Reinvestment Business Value from Enterprise Architecture Outline


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5 5 Guiding Principles OPEN: Open Standards, Open Source, Modular, and Interoperable, with Federated Identity Management MOBILE: Optimized for mobile platforms SOCIAL: Integration with University directory and social applications whenever possible CLOUD: Subscription over purchasing services whenever possible and practical ENTERPRISE: Enterprise services over point solutions.

6 Cloud Applications Google Apps for Education (Collaboration Services) Workday (HR, Benefits; Payroll & Finance coming in July) Salesforce (CRM) Drupal (Web Content Management) Modo Labs / Kurogo (Mobile) Box (File) Harris Connect (Online Alumni Community) Spring CM (Advanced File/Workflow) SilverPop (Broadcast Email) Amazon Web Services (Research/Compute)

7 7 Technology-Enhanced Teaching & Learning A strategy for innovative teaching, learning and research through leveraging technology. Initiative for Technology-Enhanced Teaching & Learning o Classroom technology Online Learning Systems Architecture o Deltak and Blackboard Learn integration o Learning management system exploration (CSG and Gartner) Online Learning o Academic and administrative alignment on our digital strategy Key Fall Semester 2013 Projects:

8 8 Optimized Infrastructure A modern, standard, efficient, flexible, automated platform for computing, storage, and network capabilities. Ubiquitous Wifi Network o Enterprise Risk Management Category 1 Risk Long Term Funding Strategy Publishing Cost Model Data Center Consolidation Key Fall Semester 2013 Projects:

9 9 Transformed Service Delivery A consolidated IT delivery capability, leveraging shared services and partnerships across Georgetown for cost-effective and efficient services. NSO New Faculty Orientation Unified Service Desk Account Management Program Key Fall Semester 2013 Projects:

10 10 Managed Risk & Security A proactive, predictive, consolidated, and pragmatic approach to cyber security and risk management at Georgetown. Creating Security dash board for board and leadership level Security Profile o Training o Access Control o MDM o Board Brief on Dashboard/Progress Infrastructure Mitigation Plan---Fiber investment Key Fall Semester 2013 Projects:

11 11 Modernized Applications A layered application architecture, minimizing point solutions and delivering key capabilities around business intelligence, customer relationship management, and the Web for cost-effective, and efficient business processes. Drupal Transition GU Mobile o NSO App o EmergenSee BI/Analytics GMS Financials Rank & Tenure Blackboard o “It’s not your father’s Buick” o Responsive Design File Management Strategy People Soft – Admissions Enterprise CRM Solution Key Fall Semester 2013 Projects:

12 EA: What We Are Doing Established an EA Working Group Documenting Current State at a High Level Using Current State Deficiencies and our Guiding Principles to drive Strategic and Tactical Planning Socializing our Guiding Principles campus-wide Investigating EA Toolsets

13 EA: What We Need to Do Select and Implement EA Toolsets Architecture Management Configuration Management Project Management ESB / Broker Embark on a Strategic Sourcing Initiative Enterprise Print Services Making the Cloud EASY Implement IdM v3 Interactive Provisioning Group Management

14 $20.5M Net Budget (with GMS $23.6M) $37M Gross Budget 1% Asked to reduce spend 1% in FY2014 3% Asked to reduce spend additional 3% ($585,000) in FY2014. 4% Total savings ask in FY2014. Savings to be reinvested into GU critical infrastructure needs. 14 Savings for Reinvestment

15 EA: Delivering Business Value Provide Robust Applications and Services that provide real value AND Delight Customers Reduce Costs Rationalize and Streamline our Environment Enable much more informed strategic and tactical planning

16 UIS 2013 Fiscal Year Report

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