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Strategic Reorganization

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1 Strategic Reorganization
Deborah Noble-Triplett, UM System Eric Rosenhauer, UM Health System

2 Objectives Provide recommendation regarding VPAA office responsibilities Suggest what should no longer be done Consider interrelatedness of VPAA office duties with other units across campus: Other vice provost offices Provost office Academic units Newly created vice provost & deans offices Business units (HR and Finance)

3 Scope of Engagement Work in tandem with campus transition committees
Visit with critical campus constituents to listen, learn and ask questions Provide observations and recommendations Inform campus leaders regarding opportunities for continuous improvement and effective, lean operations Provide a neutral, third party opportunity to highlight efficiencies and effective practices, and consider any additional systematic processes that will enhance value-added

4 To Meet Objectives Must ask “Why?” Must challenge assumptions
Look for evidence of effectiveness Attempt to view from various vantage points Consider the questions: What is done? How is it done? Why is it done? Who is involved? Is it successful? Should we continue doing this? What is the value-added? Value added as defined by the customer. Customer defined as the end user of the service.

5 Connection to Transition Committees
Join steering committee conversations (committee chairs) Focus on VPAA Recommendations have complementarity but formed with different frameworks Transition committees: focused on responsibilities and tasks and where to assign them which determined resource allocation, space needs and personnel placement UM consultants: focused on customers, processes and responsibilities (complex vs. routine duties) within context of connected units

6 Challenge of Change Strong strategic plan
Structural reorganization to achieve goals Broad representation in transition planning Campus-wide listening opportunities Communicate roles of : Department chairs Vice provost & deans VC Global & Strategic Partnerships Provost Internal vs. external focus

7 Context for Proposed Recommendations
Review of organizational structure & responsibilities Review of structures and work from perspective of internal customers Propose ideas for consideration Separate transactional responsibilities of the VPAA from strategic and leadership responsibilities Structure to support lean processes and customer experience Sharing suggestions campus leadership once we complete our work For consideration by newly appointed leaders

8 Proposed Recommendations
Organizational relationships Align resources with core mission Reduce silos, fragmentation, and duplicative operations Focus more on customer service and customer responsiveness Effectiveness Efficiency Cost savings Recognition of need for some duplication

9 Proposed: Campus Resource Center
Standardizing business processes Eliminating non-value added work Delivering a end-user centric model Utilizing enabling technology to streamline business processes Increasing managerial span of control Reorganizing and co-locating workforce Finance, IT and HR and Academic Support functions

10 Detail (Shared Services Model)
Proposed Campus Resource Center Detail (Shared Services Model) Suggested Guidelines Activities should be Shared if: The activity can be standardized across multiple units The activity could be performed effectively without proximity The activity is transactional in nature The activity is complex and performed infrequently Activities should be Local if: The activity is unique to the unit The activity requires in-unit-decision-making

11 Vice Provost & Dean Office(s)
example: Campus Resource Center interaction with academic units

12 What’s Next? Visit with additional stakeholders and confirm observations Need evidence… start benchmarking Customer focused process metrics Is the process facilitating or hindering outcomes? Business process analysis (invitations from Branson & Manuel) HR Finance & Administration Determine vice provost & dean offices responsibilities & resources Leave flexibility to establish their team and voice their thoughts regarding the delineation of responsibilities Develop ongoing continuous improvement strategies Optimize leadership Move beyond the “Dean” model Address leadership gaps

13 Questions?

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