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6/26/2015 1 Roadmap to the Future: Product Strategy for UM Enterprise Systems Michigan Administrative Information Services (MAIS) February 2008.

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1 6/26/2015 1 Roadmap to the Future: Product Strategy for UM Enterprise Systems Michigan Administrative Information Services (MAIS) February 2008

2 2 6/26/2015 What is MAIS? Business & Finance unit that: Manages administrative computing systems & services, infrastructure, and security for UM Designs, implements and supports administrative systems and services Supports Ann Arbor (central offices, schools, colleges & research units); Health System; Flint; Dearborn Serves students, staff, faculty and other key constituents

3 3 6/26/2015 MAIS Administrative Systems & Services M-Pathways: Student Administration Human Resources Management Systems Financials/Physical Resources Business Intelligence: M-Reports Data Warehouses/Business Objects

4 4 6/26/2015 MAIS Administrative Systems & Services ITSS ( Information Technology Security Services) Imaging eResearch eMploy Application Management System Development/Alumni Systems Two Factor Authentication/M-Token Security My LINC Documentation & Training Repository

5 5 6/26/2015 What is MAIS Product Strategy? Formalized process to: Identify potential enhancements, expansions and improvements to MAIS products & services Align potential MAIS product enhancements with UM internal/external strategic planning, influences, goals, and opportunities

6 6 6/26/2015 Product Strategy Project Types Strategic Projects Competitive edge opportunities, new & exciting technologies, long-range positioning Mandates Required work efforts because of internal or external directives (e.g., Regulatory, Regental, Executive) Quick Wins Incremental improvements to enhance customer satisfaction, reduce costs, boost staff efficiencies, etc.

7 7 6/26/2015 Product Strategy Process – External Iteratively confer with campus stakeholders to understand business priorities, mandates and opportunities Identify potential projects Identify potential project sponsors Assess campus impact, interest, timetable, and priority Communicate & inform as decisions are made

8 8 6/26/2015 Product Strategy Process – Internal Establish capacity for new work effort & on-going support Prioritize & categorize projects Assess ability to accomplish (tools, skills, ROI) Coordinate selected projects with business owners & sponsors Schedule & resource based on business cycle and priority Quick Wins Strategic Projects and Mandates Production Support Stable & efficient operation of existing systems

9 9 6/26/2015 Product Strategy Timeline Potential projects identified now through March Preliminary, prioritized project lists due in May Student Administration Advisory Group and HRMS Advisory Group finalize project recommendations Recommendations sent to MAIS Advisory Group Substantive work effort begins after HEV9 upgrade stabilization (July/August 2008) Repeat until next upgrade: Iterative solicitation and validation of projects & priorities with stakeholders Iterative review and adjustment of project priorities with Student Administration Advisory Group and HRMS Advisory Group

10 10 MAIS Strategic Plan Executive officers, deans, and other leaders share their challenges (October 2005) Key themes identified MAIS Advisory Committee, University leadership, and MAIS leadership determine priorities Living document Updated annually U-M MISSION Preserve knowledge Create new knowledge Develop future leaders

11 11 MAIS and ITSS Strategic Objectives Protect information assets and privacy Promote green solutions Reduce administrative tasks for faculty & staff Enable faculty and staff to maximize our resources Enable efficient business processes Increase faculty and staff excellence Enhance academic units’ ability to connect with individual students

12 12 Priorities MAIS eResearch Proposal Management DAC Replacement— Constituent Relationship Management Space Utilization Business Intelligence Service Management HE Upgrade Green Computing Initiative ITSS University IT Security Program “Difficult and uncertain financial circumstances require us to further sharpen our business-like approach in both our planning and our operations. ” Excerpt from FY08 Budget remarks to the Regents President Mary Sue Coleman

13 13 6/26/2015 Your Product Strategy Project Ideas Share business need, vision, idea Estimate campus interest (only your unit or applicable to many units?) Communicate business impact: Savings Business Intelligence Competitiveness Compliance Satisfaction Efficiencies

14 14 6/26/2015 MAIS Advisory Groups Groups established to provide tactical and strategic direction to MAIS by product area Utilize advisory groups and members to vet ideas; gauge cross-campus interest; submit, support and prioritize projects See Groups and Communications on MAIS website:

15 15 6/26/2015 Who to contact: Student Administration Product Managers ( Admissions & Recruiting: Mark Nelson ( Campus Community: Liz Salley ( Student Records, Advising, Curriculum: Karen Kuffner ( Financial Aid/Student Financials: Elaine Nowak (

16 16 6/26/2015 Who to contact: HRMS Product Managers ( Human Resources: Judy Aldrich ( Campus Community: Liz Salley ( Payroll / Time & Labor: Scot Yoas ( Benefits: Amy Lawrence (

17 17 6/26/2015 Ideas to Share Today?

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