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Network Systems Sales LLC

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1 Network Systems Sales LLC
Value-Added Reseller Started in 2006 Focus: Offer deliverable, supported software and hardware-based technologies to solve business problems Technologies primarily cover IT Security and Network Connectivity

2 Data Discovery, Collection, Review, Production
Problem: Recover data as evidence in preparation for a legal case or HR issue Data collection presents its challenges, especially in staying in line with Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (i.e., prevent data spoilage) Not a trivial task to collect/search through data (any format): Local/Remote data system (server-side, desktop, laptop) Archived SharePoint (cloud resident data) Storage system Encrypted Deleted

3 Data Discovery, Collection, Review, Production
Locating/collecting data, leading to a Data Review, can take significant time Example: Process of Discovery/Collection, you have a requirement to collect data remotely: Over LAN/WAN network Cannot or do not want to collect over network. Instead, securely collect/encrypt to a memory stick or external HD Once collected, data must be quickly/accurately reviewed

4 Data Discovery, Collection, Review, Production
Complete Suite – Data Discovery, Collection, Review, Production

5 Identity & Access Management
Requirement: Remote Users want to run a mobile client on an independent device (iPhone, iPad, other PD) to access information on their desktop/laptop, servers Problem: How do you authenticate the user?

6 Identity & Access Management
Resolve the conflict between IT security requirements and the Remote User experience: Identify/Authenticate the Remote User

7 Cloud Attached Storage
For organizations hosting or planning to host a private cloud … … … Remote Offices: Requirement to access, share (across the enterprise) and backup data Problem: How to improve data protection policies at remote offices while enabling users data access Private Storage Cloud: Provides data protection and collaboration for remote offices

8 Cloud Attached Storage
Appliance-Based Solution

9 Applications Assurance Delivery
Problem: Performance of a business-critical application is poor or ceases to run … What is the source(s) of the problem? Who gets involved in troubleshooting: IT security, networking, apps development, server admin, storage admin Then the finger-pointing starts as to who owns the problem

10 Applications Assurance Delivery
Multiple, disconnected silo tools become less effective, especially as environments become more dynamic (cloud, virtual) To quickly resolve an apps delivery problem, it is helpful to have an integrated, real-time view, shared by multiple staff/teams

11 Applications Assurance Delivery
Real-time View: Comprised of the network, web servers, apps servers, database and storage Identifies security issues, database issues, storage issues, problems with DNS, problems with load balancing Assists in capacity planning Helps end the finger-pointing

12 Applications Assurance Delivery
To assure applications run properly, as residing in physical & virtual environments: Physical Appliances and Virtual Appliances from

13 Visibility Into Traffic Traversing Physical & Virtual Networks
Ever have a need to connect a device to capture/monitor network traffic … … … But lack a SPAN port or TAP to do so? Devices could be: Forensics recorder IPS/IDS DLP appliance VoIP recorder Protocol analyzer UTM appliance Application performance monitor

14 Visibility Into Traffic Traversing Physical & Virtual Networks
Ever tried to use a monitoring/capture tool that cannot keep up with the bandwidth? Ever had a need to capture only data of interest (i.e., set up a custom data stream)? Would you like to aggregate two or more feeds & direct resultant feed to one or more devices? Security Concern: Staff members having capability to capture/observe personal data (financial, medical) when analyzing traffic

15 Visibility Into Traffic Traversing Physical & Virtual Networks
Switch A Switch B Span Port Span Port Data Access Switch DLP Appliance LAN Analyzer Forensics Recorder

16 Visibility Into Traffic Traversing Physical & Virtual Networks
Data Access Switch Technology for Physical & Virtual Networks

17 Deploying/Managing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
Alan Lorentzen Systems Engineer with Pano Logic

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