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Passport Usage Instructions The following instructions will help you to navigate through the Passport system. The instructions have been designed as a.

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1 Passport Usage Instructions The following instructions will help you to navigate through the Passport system. The instructions have been designed as a step by step process to help you as you go through the budget request. Passport Passport is a secure, multifunctional, web-based system that the Student Government Business Office has designed to enable A&S funded organizations and their Financial Officers “one stop shopping” for all their financial service needs. These services include applying for a budget, becoming certified as a financial officer, submitting purchase requests, and much more! This system is currently only capable of accepting budget requests. Over the course of the next year additional functions will be implemented. Be sure to keep an eye out as these new and exciting features come to life!

2 To begin your Passport experience you must login. If this is your first time using the program you must register as a “New User”. If you are a new user, click here to begin.

3 The next step is to enter your personal information. Be sure to enter an email address and phone number that enables us to reach you in case we have a question or there is a problem. Once registered, you will be able to update your information as needed.

4 Once you have completed the user registration it will take the Business Office 2-3 days to verify and enable you as a user. If we have any problems we will contact you with the information you provided during your registration. Note: If you are not a registered officer of your organization through the Office of Student Activities you will be required to submit an Authorization Form in order for us to enable you as a user.

5 Once you sign in this is the first page you will see. To begin your Budget request or to change/edit an existing request, click on “Budgeting”. Click here to begin Notice your default organization will be listed. Make sure you select the Correct budget year.

6 Once you have clicked “Budgeting” a drop down box will appear. Click here to Add a new project

7 The first step of submitting project requests is to complete the following page. This information will only appear for the first project you request and will provide us with basic information for your organization. When you have completed all entries Click here.

8 Next, select the project type, name and description. Things to note: A project listed as an “Event” is considered to be any project that is social in nature (i.e; people will attend). A project that is a “Non-Event” will not allow you the option of requesting food and should be used for projects that are materials related only (i.e; office supplies, sporting goods, etc.). You may not have more than one project with the same Project Name, make sure all projects have different titles. Under Project Description please tell us about your project, you do not need to include date, location, or prior history as you will input that information on the next screen.

9 Once you have created the project you are able to change or update the project Information, add food, and materials request. It is recommended that you click “Next” once you have completed each section to make sure that you do not skip a section. Skipping a section will cause your project to be incomplete and not viewable by the budget committee. Click “Next” to proceed to the next section.

10 In Step 2 you will tell us your current project location, prior history and request food. THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE YOU WILL REQUEST FOOD FOR AN EVENT. Note: the food request includes all food & beverage related items (utensils, plates, napkins, cups, etc.) DO NOT REQUEST THESE ITEMS IN MATERIALS.

11 Step 3 allows you to request materials for your project. Hints & Tips: Once you have selected the materials type give us a detailed description of what exactly you plan to purchase and your justification for requesting this item. The total cost will be calculated automatically and can be viewed on the project summary page. You are able to add additional materials items after you click “Add Materials Item” – do not try to include all your materials in the first item.

12 This is an example of a multi-item materials request. Notice each item is listed separately.

13 Project Summary allows you to review all the information you have submitted for a single project. Your project will not be viewable by the budget committee until you click the “Submit” button. You have the ability to edit/delete/or add to each project both before and after you have clicked the “Submit” button. Click here to submit your project request.

14 Project Completion – when you have received the note at the bottom of the page Your project has been completed and will be viewable by the budget committee. You will see this message when your project is complete

15 To make changes to a project click on “Budgeting” and then on “View/Edit Project Request”. Click here

16 Using the drop down box, choose the project you would like to edit. Choose the project you would like to edit, then click “View Project”

17 Once you have completed all your project requests you must prioritize them. Click on “Budgeting” then “Prioritize Projects” Click here

18 No two projects may be prioritized the same number. You may change the priorities at any time. Once you prioritize your projects you must click “Update Priorities” or your changes will not be saved.

19 Travel requests are submitted similarly to project requests. Once completed they may be edited at any time. Click here

20 Please read carefully – not all boxes will need to be completed in the Transportation section depending on your type of travel. When you are done, click “Create Request”. Click here

21 Once you “Create Project” you will need to click “Submit Project as Completed”

22 You must prioritize all travel requests. No requests should have the same priority number. Be sure to “Update Priorities”

23 At any time you may click “Budgeting” then “At-A-Glance” to see a summary of your budget request.

24 Once you have added all projects and travel requests you will need to “Submit Budget as Completed”. Requests that are not submitted will not be reviewed. MUST Submit as Completed!

25 As your personal information changes please remember to update your user profile. If this information is incorrect it may delay important time-sensitive information you need as a Passport user.

26 Each time you are finished using the program remember to logoff!

27 You are now ready to create your budget request! Click on SG Passport to get started. SG Passport Contact us as 974-2045 if you have questions!

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