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TxEIS Employee Training

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1 2011-2012 TxEIS Employee Training

2 2011-2012 TxEIS Employee Training
Please use the link below to access the Self Registration and Inquiry Employee Access modules in TxEIS :

3 Self‐ Registration EMPLOYEE ACCESS 12

4 Employee Access Self Registration • Each employee creates their own User ID and Password.   • Three data elements are used to self register: – Social Security Number – Date of Birth – Zip Code  • A hint question is provided in case the employee forgets his/her  password.  If answered correctly, a temporary password will be  ed to the employee. • If the employee forgets his/her User ID or cannot retrieve password, the account must be deleted by the Payroll Specialist, Elizabeth Abrego (ext. 9216) and the employee will need to re‐register. Please note there is no record of your password, if you forget your password or if you have problems self registering, your only option is to have your account deleted and start the registering process again. 13

5 Employee Access Self Registration
This is the Employee Access landing page.  To self‐ register Select New User. 14

6 Employee Access Self Registration
You will be prompted to enter your  Social Security Number, Date of Birth and Zip Code. If the information matches TxEIS Human Resources demographic  data, the employee may complete self‐registration; otherwise,  the data must be corrected before self‐registration can continue. Please contact Erma Trevino at or ext to verify demographic information if problems occur. 15

7 Employee Access Self Registration The following is required: User ID
Password Password Verification Hint Questions Hint Answer User ID and Password Rules User ID  and Password cannot be the same.  User ID must be between 6 and 8 characters and is not case sensitive. Password is alphanumeric and must be between 8 and 12 characters in  length.  It is case sensitive and should contain at least one number. New passwords must contain an uppercase letter. 16

8 Employee Access Self Registration
When you have successfully completed self registration,  you will be   transferred to the Menu page.   Inquiry displays employee information for viewing. Self‐Service displays employee information for update or viewing and  allows you to change your password. 17


10 Employee Access Inquiry Calendar Year to Date
Allows you to view a year‐to‐date summary of various  earnings information by payroll frequency and year. 19

11 Employee Access Inquiry
Current Pay Information Allows you  to view your current pay information as it currently exists in your Human Resources record. Access to information on this screen replaces previously issued Action Sheets. 20

12 Employee Access Inquiry Deductions
Your current deductions are displayed here for your review. 21

13 Employee Access Inquiry Earnings
Your earnings appear on this page.  Up to 18 months of  earnings information is available for viewing and printing. This option replaces the reprinting of pay stub copies from the Payroll Office. No print icon is available at this time. Please use print option available on the screen and change print orientation to “landscape”. 22

14 Employee Access Inquiry Leave Balances
This screen provides leave balances by leave type.  You may also view individual leave records by date. 23

15 Employee Access Inquiry W‐2 Information
W‐2 Information may be viewed from this screen. Selecting PRINT will print an official W‐2 based on the  year selected in the Employee Access District Options. W-2 information is available beginning with 2004. 24

16 Employee Access Inquiry W‐2 Information

17 Employee Self‐Service Entry

18 Employee Access Self‐Service Change Password
You may change your password at any time using the  Self‐Service Change Password screen. 27

19 Employee Access Self‐Service
Self‐service allows employees to view or update their demographic and payroll information in the Employee Access  System. Demographic and Payroll data are available for update and approval in groups.  W-4 information, legal name change and direct deposit information will require  Human Resources or Payroll approval before the update will occur in TxEIS. Documentation may be required for a change. For example a last name change requires an updated social security card. The Reset button allows the employee to remove any changes made on the screen and replaces them with the  information from the last save. The Undo button allows an employee to delete saved requests that are pending approval in a group.  This button   gives you an opportunity to delete a change that was entered in error but has not been processed by an approver.  E‐mails are sent to the requester notifying them that their update requires approval, has  been approved or disapproved by Human Resources/Payroll and/or requires documentation. Approvers receive e‐mails notifying them that updates require their approval and they may approve or disapprove   requests in TxEIS Human Resources. 28

20 Employee Access Self‐Service Demographic
1 3 2 1 For update, a white box will be available for Entry – Example  Legal Name. 2 For inquiry the update box will be grayed out – Example Driver’s License. 3 For none, nothing will display–Example Alternate Address should display  between Mailing Address and Phone Number. 29

21 Employee Access Self‐Service Demographic
When a change is saved and requires approval, it will be highlighted in yellow  until approved. 30

22 Employee Access Self‐Service Payroll Information
• The Self‐Service Payroll screen works like the Self‐Service  Demographic screen. • Additional bank accounts can only be added if a number of  accounts greater than one exists in Employee Access options. • Additional accounts may be added by clicking the + Add in the  bottom right of the Direct Deposit Bank Accounts area. • Only one account may be designated as primary. • For all secondary bank accounts, a deposit amount must be  entered. Those amounts will be distributed, and the remainder of  the paycheck will be deposited into the primary account. 31

23 Employee Access Self‐Service Payroll Information

24 District Self‐Service Approval

25 Self Service E‐mail Examples

26 E‐mail to employee for Self‐Service change submitted for
approval and requires documentation 43

27 E‐mail to employee for Self‐Service Payroll changes submitted
for approval and requires documentation 44

28 E‐mail to employee that a Self‐Service change has been approved

29 E‐mail to employee’s home address that a Self‐Service change has
been approved 47

30 E‐mail to employee that a Self‐Service change has been
automatically approved and updated 48

31 E‐mail to employee where update has been disapproved
Self‐Service E‐mail E‐mail to employee where update has been disapproved 49

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