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Core-CT Employee Self Service Time and Attendance Training Spring, 2011.

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1 Core-CT Employee Self Service Time and Attendance Training Spring, 2011

2 Welcome to the Time & Attendance Self Service Training! Today you will be learning how to submit your bi-weekly timesheet electronically through CORE-CT Self Service. This is a web-based system that can be accessed at this address: 2

3 3

4 4

5 You will be prompted to change your password. *Current Password: selfservice123 5

6 1. To set up password reset process log into CORE-CT. Click the My System Profile link. 6

7 2. Verify that a valid e-mail address is entered in the e- mail group box. 7

8 3. Click the Change or set up forgotten password help link. 8

9 4. Click the Question drop down list and select a question to answer. 9

10 5. Enter a Response (not case sensitive). Click the OK button. 10

11 You need to submit your timesheet and you forgot your password. What should you do? 11

12 1. To use the password reset feature because you have forgotten your password, click the Forgot Your Password? link on the sign-in page. 12

13 2. The Forgot My Password page displays. Enter your User ID. Click the Continue button. 13

14 3. Enter the same Response as the one entered on the My System Profile that you set up (not case sensitive). Click the Email New Password button. 14

15 4. The following message displays with notification that a temporary password has been emailed. 15

16 5. Go to your Microsoft Outlook Inbox. Open the system generated message regarding User ID Password. 16

17 6. Enter your User ID and the temporary system generated password sent in the email. Click the Sign In button. 17

18 7. The system generated password expires immediately. Click the Click here to change your password link. 18

19 8. The Change Password page displays. Enter the system generated password in the Current Password field. Enter a new password and confirm it. Click the Change Password button. 19

20 9. Click the OK button. 20

21 10. You are logged into CORE-CT. The Home page displays. Click on Self-Service under the Enterprise Menu. 21

22 Important things to remember … It is your responsibility to enter in your time and to make sure that your approver approves your time in a timely fashion. For the first few months we will assist you by giving you gentle reminders if you have forgotten to submit your timesheet or approve your employees’ time. But, at some point, you will be on your own! Remember, there’s a reason it’s called SELF-SERVICE. If you don’t submit a timesheet and make sure it’s approved, you will not get a paycheck. Petty cash checks will not be processed for employees whose time has not been submitted and approved by the deadline. 22

23 Important things to remember … You must continue to request leave time in advance from your supervisor as you are doing now. This process does not replace getting approval for taking time off. Submit all hours for the entire two-week pay period by the end of the day on the last day of the pay period (Thursday -Pay Day). Before a timesheet can be approved it must be processed by the system overnight. If a change is made to the timesheet it must process overnight again before it can be approved. 23

24 To enter a timesheet locate the Time Reporting folder. 24

25 Click on Report Time. 25

26 Click on Timesheet. 26

27 A blank timesheet displays for the entire pay period. Enter hours and time reporting codes (TRC). 27

28 Key points to remember when submitting time. Report all time on your Timesheet – do not leave any scheduled work days blank. It is your responsibility to submit your bi-weekly timesheet and verify that it has been approved within the time limits. Once submitted, the timesheet must process overnight before it can be approved. If you change your timesheet after it has been approved you must notify your supervisor to approve it again. You must request leave time in advance from your supervisor in the same way you do now. Time must be submitted in a minimum of.25 hour increments. You may submit time on a daily basis. You may submit a timesheet one pay period only in advance. 28

29 View Payable Time Once you have submitted your timesheet and it has processed overnight, you may view your hours and the status of your timesheet through the View Time link. 29

30 View Payable Time Detail through the View Time folder under Time Reporting. 30

31 Click on Payable Time Detail. 31

32 Click on the calendar next to the Start Date and select the first day of the pay period. Then click the Get Rows button. 32

33 Verify that all hours submitted are listed on the Payable Time Detail and that the status for each entry is “Needs Approval”. 33

34 Once time has been approved the status should reflect “Approved – Goes to Payroll”. 34

35 Correcting Exceptions and Entering Comments Your submitted timesheet has processed overnight and you don’t see hours listed on the Payable Time Detail for some of the days in the pay period. What should you do? 35

36 Go to Self Service and Click on Timesheet. 36

37 Click on the Reported Time Status – click to view link in the lower left corner of the Timesheet. 37

38 Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Scroll Down 38

39 The “alarm clocks” in the Exception column for 12/1-12/4/08 indicate overuse of Sick Family leave. 39

40 Return to the Timesheet and correct the entries. 40

41 Clear out the hours from the days noted as exceptions. 41

42 Click on the plus sign and add a new row. 42

43 Enter hours on the new row. 43

44 Select a new leave code i.e. VAC, PL, HCU or CU and submit the timesheet. 44

45 The Sick and Vacation leave balances will be adjusted immediately. 45

46 You may add comments for any entry on the Timesheet. Click on the Reported Time Status – click to view link on the Timesheet. 46

47 Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Scroll Down 47

48 Click on the word balloon next to the date that you wish to record comments. 48

49 Enter comments in the Comment box. 49

50 Click the Save button. 50

51 Click the OK button to permanently save the comment. 51

52 The word balloon appears to have writing inside of it indicating that comments have been entered. 52

53 Key points to remember when viewing time. Submitted time can be viewed after it processes overnight. If there is an error in the submitted timesheet (overuse of SFAM or funeral time) those hours will not appear in the Payable Time Detail. All exceptions (errors) must be cleared before a timesheet can be approved. Entries for each day in the pay period must be in “Needs Approval” status to allow approval of the timesheet. 53

54 Key points to remember when correcting exceptions and entering comments. Communication between Human Resources and/or Payroll may be necessary to correct the exception. Once the exception is cleared and the timesheet resubmitted, it is ready to be approved after it has processed overnight. If one portion of time for the day generates an error, all time reported for that day is not processed. SUOAF employees enter comments when recording compensatory time earned (CCE). You cannot delete a saved comment. You can click the + plus icon to add another row for the same comment. You do not need to submit the Timesheet for the comment to remain saved. 54

55 CORE-CT Self Service allows you to view your personal information. Click on the Personal Information Summary link. 55

56 56 Scroll down

57 57

58 Key points to remember when viewing personal information Only Human Resources, Payroll and you can view your personal information. You cannot change the information you are viewing – only Human Resources can make changes. To make changes, contact Human Resources at X21756 to request the appropriate forms for the change. 58

59 Overall reminders about Self Service You must submit a timesheet every pay period by the end of the day on Pay Day. Set a reoccurring reminder on your Outlook calendar for every other Thursday (Pay Day) to submit your timesheet. Add the CORE-CT log-in page to your favorites on your desktop. CORE-CT shuts down Monday through Friday at 7 pm. CORE-CT shuts down on Saturdays at 4 pm. CORE-CT is not available on Sundays. CORE-CT is not available after 2 pm every other Thursday (not Pay Day) due to payroll processing. 59

60 To approve time click on Approve Time and Exceptions under the Manager Self Service folder. 60

61 Click on Payable Time. 61

62 Enter Group ID, Employee ID or Employee Last Name in the appropriate boxes. 62

63 Enter the Start Date and the End Date of the Pay Period, then Click on Get Employees. 63

64 You will get this error message if you did not enter the first day of the pay period. 64

65 If you entered a Group ID you will get a listing of all employees in that group who have submitted timesheets. 65

66 Once the Payable Time displays you may view comments or add comments by clicking on a word balloon. 66

67 You may enter additional comments by clicking on the plus (+) sign. 67

68 Enter comments in the box and click on the Save button. 68

69 Click OK if you want to save the comments. 69

70 Return to View Payable Time, Click Select All and then Click Approve if the timesheet is correct. 70

71 Click OK to confirm that the approval was saved. 71

72 Click on Return to Approval Summary or Next Employee to continue reviewing timesheets in the group. 72

73 Key points to remember when approving time. An error on the timesheet is not available to be approved until it is corrected. If one portion of time entered for a day generates an error, all time entered on the day is an error and has to be corrected. Time cannot be unapproved but it can be changed on the Timesheet. If time is corrected or changed, it must reprocess overnight before you can approve it. If time is not approved (including changes), then those entries will not be sent to Payroll. 73

74 Key points to remember when approving time. Approvers will not receive an e-mail notifying you that a timesheet has been submitted. Set up a reoccurring reminder on your Outlook calendar for Friday, the first day of each pay period to approve timesheets. Do not approve a timesheet that is incomplete (missing hours/days under Payable Time). Contact the employee. Timesheets for SUOAF employees who are earning compensatory time (CCE or HWCE) must be approved by a manager outside of the bargaining unit. 74

75 Available training materials. Training presentation on HR web page under CORE-CT Self Service Time Reporting Codes on HR web page Job Aids on CORE-CT web page: Entering Time (Self-Service Agencies): Cleaning Up Time and Labor Exceptions: http://www.core- Approving Payable Time: http://www.core- 75

76 For assistance please call: Irene ChildsX21759 Joanne CallahanX21752 Norma RiveraX22305 Teresa VelezX21756 Doreen RevoirX22503 Peggy PaonessaX22519 Matt OrtizX22517 Lynn DetlefsenX22516 Alyssa MianoX22501 76

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