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Nina Gry Stein, Nina Hagen, Information Meeting CEMS- and student exchange at master.

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1 Nina Gry Stein, Nina Hagen, Information Meeting CEMS- and student exchange at master level 2010/2011 Tuesday 16th of March at 16:15 Aud. Terje Hansen

2 International Relations Office 22 John Andersen Nina Gry Stein Nina Hagen Astrid Foldal Norunn Økland Lena Håre Ole Johan Berge Svein Olav Svoldal Responsible for: Student exchange CEMS MIM Double Degrees NHH Graduate Summer School

3 Agenda The selection process The role as exchange student Contact with NHH Practical issues Pre-approval of courses Scholarship and Loan Student report Further procedures 3

4 The Selection Process 334 applications 292 students nominated Conditional offers 4

5 The role as an exchange student A new cultural and social experience Adapt to a new institution The role as Ambassador 5

6 Contact with the International Relations Office at NHH Please return the contract before Friday 19 th of March Student web: Address abroad, phone number, e-mail address The semester fee must be paid to NHH even if you go on exchange Keep yourself updated on relevant information from NHH, check the student web 6

7 Practical issues before leaving Follow instructions from receiving university –Fill in application form and provide supporting documentation (academic reference letters, transcripts, statement of purpose, CV etc) –Apply for courses –Accommodation –Language course etc Insurance (, Visa, residence permit Safety issues –Medical coverage for Norwegian students abroad ( Vaccinations ( 7

8 Practical issues at NHH Studentregistrering –Semester fee –Register at student web; UTV401, UTV402, UTV403, UTV404 (both CEMS and exchange students) –Advicer for your thesis 8

9 Pre-Approval of courses – Learning agreement Application form for pre-approval of courses (the learning agreement): –Course approvals – (Asia, Eastern Europe, German speaking- and French speaking Europe) – (Oceania, Africa, America, Spain, Portugal, Italy, The Netherlands, UK) – (The Nordic countries + CEMS students) –Or use 9

10 Pre-approval of courses Courses at Master level Minor – equal to 30 ECTS credits (30 studiepoeng at NHH) Courses within NHHs subject area. Language courses will not be approved as part of the minor Application with necessary documentation to the international office Pre-approval of courses before you start your studies abroad CEMS students 10

11 Final course approval Pre-approval of courses Transcript confirming that the exams are passed Registered by the International Relations Office as soon as we have received the student report! We inform the Office for Student and Academic Affairs. The transcript is sent to you together with a Course Exemptions letter 11

12 Scholarship and loan Scholarship –Erasmus/Nordplus –Ruhrgas Scholarship (can not be combined with Erasmus Scholarship) Lånekassen (State Education Loan Fund) –Relevant only for Norwegian students and Quota students 16.06.201512

13 Student report The report should be sent to within 3 weeks after you have completed the exchange Reports will be published on NHH´s web-pages. You are welcome to write the report together with other students 13

14 Information sources International Relations Office Exchange students at NHH Your host institution 14

15 Questions? 15

16 Good Luck! 16

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