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1 Where will you go from here? Chapter Student Activities Workshop.

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1 1 Where will you go from here? Chapter Student Activities Workshop

2 2 “ASHRAE will advance the arts and sciences of HVAC&R to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world.” ASHRAE Mission Statement

3 3  Purpose of the ASHRAE Student Activities  Goals of the ASHRAE Student Activities  Your role as a Chapter Chair  Action planning – creating and using an MBO (Management by Objective)  Resources available to you Workshop Objectives

4 4  Introductions  SA Committee Structure  Action Planning  Students: K-12  Students: Post-High School  Winter Meeting & Students  Presidential Award of Excellence (PAOE)  Formulating an MBO  Available Resources Agenda

5 5  CRC = Chapters Regional Conference  SA = Student Activities  RVC = Regional Vice Chair  MBO = Management by Objective  PAOE = Presidential Award of Excellence  DRC = Director and Regional Chair  NEW = National Engineers Week  YEA = Young Engineers in ASHRAE ASHRAE Acronyms

6 6  Name  Chapter, Location  Occupation  What Got You into Engineering?  New/Returning SA Chair  What Do Student Activities Mean To You? (Sign the attendance roster & verify your contact information) Introductions

7 7 ASHRAE Board of Directors Members Council Student Activities Committee Regional Vice Chair for Student Activities Chapter Student Activities Chair Membership How Work Gets Done

8 8 ASHRAE Student Activities Committee K-12 Programs Post-High/ Branch Programs Student Design Competition Senior Undergrad. Project Grants College/ University Accred. ASHRAE Chapter Student Activities K-12 Outreach & Programs Student Branch Support & Growth Student Member Recruit. & Retention Promotion of Society Programs Promotion of HVAC&R Industry Chapter Scholarship Program What Does SA Do?

9 9  Promote math and science to K-12 students and describe how the study of math & science can lead to an exciting career in engineering  Encourage the study of HVAC&R  Promote careers in the HVAC&R industry  Introduce ASHRAE student membership  Support existing ASHRAE student branches and encourage the development of new ASHRAE student branches  Promote grant and design competition programs What Are the Goals of SA?

10 10 CustomerWhat is on their mind? What do you say to them? K-6 7-9 10-12 College & Technical Schools Understanding Our Customers

11 11  Show “Engineering Is For Everyone” video  Utilize the K-12 Resource Guide for Teachers and other resources on the ASHRAE Student Zone  Present additional demonstrations: Seltzer Tablet Rocket Making a Thermometer Land & Sea Breezes Other Experiments listed on the Student Zone  Utilize posters as a visual aid and share with the class after the presentation K-12 Reaching Students Grades K-6

12 12  Donate your time (face time is important)  Stress math & science (MATHCOUNTS is one you can promote)  Visit guidance counselors, science/math teachers & gifted coordinators - give them ASHRAE brochures and posters  Career discussions - tell them about your job  Show ASHRAE videos  Sponsor tours and awards  Serve as a judge or sponsor in a science fair or volunteer to do an activity with the Girl Scouts  JETS and National Engineers Week have great resources too Career Awareness & Promotion of Engineering: K-12 Reaching Students Grades 7-12

13 13  Encourage participation in chapter activities  Provide opportunities for technical tours  Schedule student night/s  Develop recognition programs  Scholarships: provide a local program and promote it Also encourage them to apply for the Society scholarship program  Encourage Senior Undergraduate Project Grant applications  Encourage participation in the Student Design Project Competition  Involve them in National Engineers Week Reaching College & Technical School Students

14 14  Distribute the Student Guide brochure  Distribute the “Careers Profiles” brochure to demonstrate actual ASHRAE members in HVAC&R careers  Show the “Careers in HVAC&R” video as part of student membership recruitment  Donate time & ASHRAE Publications (Handbook, Pocket Guide, Green Guide, etc.)  Provide incentives to attend meetings (dinner, small logo item, etc.)  COMMUNICATE! (Use various methods – call, email, make personal visits to the student branch meetings) Reaching College & Technical School Students

15 15 Student Design Project Competition A great way to apply classroom knowledge to an exciting design project! Three categories: HVAC System Selection, HVAC System Design, and Architectural Design Prizes – in each category, there are: 3 First Places: $1500 and travel & accommodations for one team member to the following winter meeting3 First Places: $1500 and travel & accommodations for one team member to the following winter meeting 3 Second Places: Travel & accommodations for one team member to the following winter meeting3 Second Places: Travel & accommodations for one team member to the following winter meeting 3 Third Places: Travel & accommodations for one team member to the following winter meeting3 Third Places: Travel & accommodations for one team member to the following winter meeting ASHRAE Activities for Post-High School Students

16 16 Society Scholarship Program 4 Reuben Trane for $10K ($5K each for 2 years) 2 Willis H. Carrier for $10k 2 General ASHRAE for $3K (1 year) 1 Alwin B. Newton for $3K (1 year) 1 ASHRAE Memorial Scholarship for $3K (1 year) 1 Duane M. Hanson Scholarship for $3K (1 year) 1 Henry Adams Scholarship for $3K (1 year) 1 ASHRAE Engineering Technology for $3K, Bachelors degree (1 year) 2 ASHRAE Engineering Technology for $3K, Associates degree (1 year) 1 ASHRAE Donald E. Nichols (1 year) 1 ASHRAE J. Richard Mehalick (1 year) 1 ASHRAE Region IV Benny Bootle (1 year) 1 ASHRAE Region VIII Scholarship (1 year) 1 ASHRAE Frank M. Coda Scholarship for $5K (1 year) Chapter Scholarships Over $200,000 Awarded Annually at the Local Chapter Level Go to the Student Zone for more specific scholarship information! ASHRAE Activities for Post-High School Students

17 17 Grants-In-Aid ($10k) A Grant-in-Aid is a grant of funds to a full-time graduate student of ASHRAE-related technologies. It is awarded once each year for use in the following academic year. Normally 10 to 25 grants are made each year. Undergraduate Senior Project Grant (up to $7.5k/Grant) The ASHRAE Undergraduate Senior Project Grant Program provides grants to engineering, technical and architectural schools worldwide with the goal of increasing student knowledge, learning and awareness of the HVAC&R industry through the design and construction of senior projects. ASHRAE Activities for Post-High School Students

18 18  Column in Chapter newsletter for and about students  Mail Chapter newsletters and seminar announcements to student members, Student Branch Advisors and Faculty Liaisons  Publicize student programs - submit to Insights – you can do this through the Manager of Student Activities  Promote Student Design Project Competition  Promote Undergraduate Senior Project Grant Program  Careers in HVAC&R video  Career Profiles brochure  Find Your Dream Job in ASHRAE brochure Post-High School Student Communications

19 19  Career assistance and information about employment opportunities  Networking with industry professionals through chapter involvement  Leadership development  Discounts on ASHRAE publications Why Would a Student Want to Participate with a Student Branch? Student Branches

20 20  A student breakfast – ASHRAE student members can meet other students from around the world!  A Career panel – information from various ASHRAE members on their careers in the HVACR field  A student technical tour – a tour is selected just to meet the needs of our student members  MORE – the SAC is working to offer even more with the student program in the future! In addition to being able to attend the many excellent technical seminars, sessions and forums offered at the ASHRAE Winter Meeting, the Student Activities Committee offers a student program to include: Winter Meeting & Students!

21 21 What is PAOE exactly? The Presidential Award of Excellence (PAOE) has been an effective and valuable program in the growth and development of chapters and the Society. As a management tool, it provides an excellent yardstick to guide chapter management in the provision of services to the membership. The PAOE has welded together the efforts of ASHRAE through the strength of chapter operations. The PAOE sets goals for the Society in the key areas of membership, meeting attendance, education, research promotion and energy management (technical support to public agencies). Meeting these objectives is essential if ASHRAE is to fulfill its commitment to serve society and its members. Presidential Award of Excellence

22 22  Goals are established each year by the incoming Society President  Program description and outline is online at  Reporting is done online at in the ‘Secure Chapter Volunteer Activity’  A collection of tasks with associated point values. The activities we perform to serve our clients (students) is the real focus of the tool.  A means of recognition for the work you have done  A quality improvement tool - a way to measure your progress  Minimum score is 150 points for a chapter to achieve PAOE  PAR is 400 points to achieve STAR Award, Honor Roll, or Premiere How Does PAOE Work?

23 23 2006-2007 Student Activities PAOE

24 24  Goal What you want to be, do or attain?  Action Item What specifically will you do to accomplish this?  Who/When Plan for the persons who can help you, and establish a time frame for getting the task/s completed  Status Measurement of progress of attaining the goal/s Action Planning: Using the MBO Tool

25 25 No.Action ItemWhen?Who?Status 1Hold 2 Student NightsSept./ March 2Make contact with local math and science school coordinators to set up visits Sept. 3Make presentation to student branch on Student Design Competition Sept. 4Award 2 scholarshipsMay SAMPLE Your Action Plan (MBO)

26 26  Student Membership & Meetings: Information on applications and meetings  Student Branches: Information on maintaining an active branch, establishing a new student branch and student branch activities  Career Resources: Links to our online virtual career program, career related resources in HVACR, and links to outside websites for job searching  Scholarships, Grants & Design Project: Specific information on each of these programs including applications, deadlines and more!  K-12 & College Resources: Links to our K-12 resources program and other available student resourcesavailable student resources  Student Activities News & Awards Available Web Resources

27 27  Answer questions the local chapter or RVC may not be able to address  Serve as the last word on deadlines  Provide information regarding the Student Branches in your chapter’s area  Give you a list of student members in your chapter  Assist you with creating program ideas for classroom presentations, college visits, etc.  Provide resources such as Student Membership Applications, Brochures, Posters, “Cool Science” Kits, Videos, Web Content, etc. Your Staff Contact @ Society Headquarters Can… Contact Information: Ashley Pruett Manager of Student Activities Email Address: Phone: (678) 539-1212

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