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1 Where will you go from here? Chapter Student Activities Workshop.

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1 1 Where will you go from here? Chapter Student Activities Workshop

2 2  Name  Chapter, Location  Occupation  New or Returning SA Chair?  Why are you involved in Student Activities?  Please be sure to sign the attendance sheet and list your correct contact information Introductions

3 3  Introductions  Overview of Student Activities  Regional Vice Chair Responsibilities  ASHRAE Headquarters Support  Chapter Student Activities Committee  A Word About Presidential Award of Excellence (PAOE)  The ASHRAE Website  Packet Review  Open Discussion/Forum Agenda

4 4 “ASHRAE will advance the arts and sciences of HVAC&R to serve humanity and promote a sustainable world.” ASHRAE Mission Statement

5 5  Purpose of ASHRAE Student Activities  Goals of ASHRAE Student Activities  Your role as a Chapter Chair  Resources available to you Workshop Objectives

6 6  CRC = Chapters Regional Conference  SA = Student Activities  RVC = Regional Vice Chair  MBO = Management by Objective  PAOE = Presidential Award of Excellence  DRC = Director and Regional Chair  E-Week = National Engineers Week  YEA = Young Engineers in ASHRAE ASHRAE Acronyms (We have almost as many as the government)

7 7 ASHRAE Student Activities Committee K-12 Programs Post-High/ Student Branch Programs Student Design Competition Senior Undergrad. Project Grants College/ University Accred. ASHRAE Chapter Student Activities K-12 Outreach & Programs Student Branch Support & Growth Promote YEA Participation Promote Placement of Summer Interns Chapter Scholarship Program Keep in Touch w/ Your RVC What Does SA Do?

8 8  Member of Student Activities Committee  SUPPORT CHAPTER CHAIRS RVC Responsibilities

9 9  Answer questions  Provide information on Student Branches in your chapter’s area  Give you a list of student members in your chapter  Assist you with creating program ideas for classroom presentations, college visits, etc.  Provide resources such as Student Membership Applications, Brochures, Posters, “Cool Science” Kits, Videos, Web Content, etc. Your Staff Contact @ Society Headquarters Can…

10 Tarra Holman Assistant Manager of Student Activities Email Address: Phone: (678) 539-1212

11 11  Promote K-12 Activities  Student Branch Support & Growth  Promote YEA Participation in Chapter  Promote Placement of Summer Interns (especially student members)  Chapter Scholarship Program  PAOE Reporting Chapter Student Activities

12 Chapter Committee Organization  A Committee of 1 is not a Committee  Recruit help and give everyone a job  Potential “Subcommittees” K-12 Student Branches & Chapter Scholarships YEA Participation Summer Intern Placement

13 K-12 Recruit your members for classroom visits, science fairs, Engineers Week activities, etc. Get organized and enlist the help of your chapter members 13 RVC Region IV, Chuck Curlin after a science experiment with a kindergarten class.

14 14  Meet with your student branch advisor and officers  Recruit chapter members to give student branch and/or classroom presentations  Arrange tours of local HVAC factories and/or projects  Organize student nights at your chapter meetings  Offer ASHRAE support materials (Tarra will  send posters, videos, etc.)  Inform advisor on Design Competition and Undergraduate Grants  Promote chapter scholarship program Student Branch Support & Growth

15 YEA  Ask Tarra for list of chapter YEA members  Recruit YEA members for your committee  Promote YEA participation in your chapter  Recruit YEA members for Student Branch programs 15

16 Intern Placements  Work with local firms to place interns, especially student members  Direct student members to Careers and Internships on the Student Zone of the ASHRAE website

17 17 What in the world is PAOE???? Presidential Award of Excellence

18 18 2007-2008 Student Activities PAOE

19 19 Do not focus solely on maximizing PAOE points Set your goals, work on achieving them, then record the points PAOE is not the end all; remember our mission Presidential Award of Excellence

20 20 No.Action ItemWhen?Who?Status 1Hold 2 Student NightsSept./ March 2Make contact with local math and science school coordinators to set up visits Sept. 3Make presentation to student branch on Student Design Competition Sept. 4Award 2 scholarshipsMay SAMPLE Your Goals (MBO’s) E-mail your goals to your RVC by October 1 st E-mail your final report on what you accomplished by June 30th

21 21 The ASHRAE Website is Your Friend

22 22 Packet Review Open Discussion Please share your successes and challenges

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