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City Sara VonBargen, Sr. Implementation Manager GovDelivery ® & Digital Subscription Management: Better Public Communication.

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1 City Sara VonBargen, Sr. Implementation Manager GovDelivery ® Email & Digital Subscription Management: Better Public Communication in Indiana June 16, 2009

2 2 Agenda  Email is a critical channel  What is GovDelivery  State of Indiana’s use of GovDelivery –Newsletters  GovDelivery New Product Features  Questions & Answers

3 3 Email is the Number 1 Use of the Internet 54% 41% 31% 14% Source: Pew Internet and American Life Project

4 4 GovDelivery World leader in public sector email communication GovDelivery Email & Digital Subscription Management Focus on communication with residents  Personalization: Offer residents many choices about what they get and when they get it  Automation: Automate the communication process so its easy to get messages out  Delivery: Make sure emails get to the inbox not Spam filter  Web 2.0 & Collaboration

5 5 Current Signup Process Enter email address 21 Find Content of Interest and Subscribe

6 6 Current Signup Process Choose Subscription Options 43 Choose Preferences

7 7 Current Signup Process Thank you for Subscribing! 65 Answer Questions

8 8 GovDelivery eNewsletter  GovDelivery’s eNewsletter feature is ideal for government agencies looking for a cost ‐ effective and easy way to reach residents. –Saves budget on printing, paper and postage. –GovDelivery reduces traditional newsletter publication and sending costs with an ROI of 200% or more possible in the first year.  Supports overwhelming government initiative to be more “Green” and eliminate paper, when possible.  Agencies can paste in HTML code or, for those lacking design expertise, rely on GovDelivery’s e-Newsletter editor to create professional email newsletters. eNewsletter Case Study  St Paul, MN  Subject: Mayor Coleman's Update Newsletter  1087 Recipients  98% Delivery  Sent August 18, 2008 eNewsletter Case Study  St Paul, MN  Subject: Mayor Coleman's Update Newsletter  1087 Recipients  98% Delivery  Sent August 18, 2008

9 9 HTML Newsletters: Custom Styles With custom styles, newsletters can match the branding of any agency’s Web site! GovDelivery’s eNewsletter feature includes:  Library of templates  Auto-Generation of table of contents  Image storage capabilities on GovDelivery’s servers  All standard GovDelivery bulletin features including scheduled sending, open/clicks tracking, attachments, Certified Email, and more  Ability to create, edit, and apply custom styles to newsletters Styles are reusable across all templates. Change the font families, font colors, and background colors of newsletter sections.

10 10 Results to Date  People signed up: 207,754+ Current topics: MyDNR, IOT News, Bid Recommendations  Emails sent to date: 1.7 million+  585 Subscription Options  35+ Agencies Actively Sending through GovDelivery

11 11 Current Priorities for Improving Digital Communication 1.Offer key topics from each agency What does the public care about – Web Trends What do you want to communicate Need help 2.Have 1-2 people in your agency trained as GovDelivery administrators Training takes 1 hour GovDelivery can address your specific questions/concerns during training 3.Start sending messages to the public

12 12 New GovDelivery Capabilities  Snippets  Scheduled Messages  Deletions Report  Message Analytics  Collaboration Network  Share this Email  Information Sharing Network Widget

13 13 Snippets  Use the GovDelivery Snippets page as a quick reference on how to add links to your site

14 14 Scheduled Sending  GovDelivery can be configured to allow scheduled sending of bulletins.

15 15 Subscriber Profile Deletions Report  See subscribers that have been deleted

16 16 Optional: Message Analytics Deliverability data for all bulletins Government-Wide Results: Over 50% of subscribers to federal government content open or click on an email at least once every 45 days WORLD CLASS REPORTING

17 17 Optional: Message Analytics Deliverability data for individual recipients GovDelivery stores data on every click through and open; reports can be exported or viewed online WORLD CLASS REPORTING

18 18 GovDelivery Dashboards

19 19 COLLABORATION NETWORK Adding Cross-Promotion The GovDelivery Network offers a Collaboration Network to cross-promote between agencies. This allows subscribers to see available updated content from other related organizations.

20 20 Collaboration Drives Better Outreach Average New Subscribers per Day Source: GovDelivery subscription growth comparing weekdays before and after use of the collaboration network.

21 21 GovDelivery Information Sharing Process Agency Updates Content in Key Topic Areas (e.g., Recalls, Publications, Recovery Updates) GovDelivery retrieves RSS from Agency Site Manual Entry Through Web Interface Agency Sends Information to GovDelivery via Web Service GovDelivery Receives Information from Agency GovDelivery Sends Update to Subscribers and Makes Available in Topic-Based Feeds Email RSS Widget Wireless Information Made Available for Easy Reposting to Social Media

22 22 Content Sharing Email Content Sharing to Social Media Subscriber Receives Email from FDA Subscriber Finds Information of Interest, Clicks “Share This” and Selects “Facebook” Subscriber Comments on Story Content Posted to Social Media

23 23 GovDelivery Widget Capability Step 1: FDA Sends Email Step 2: GovDelivery Data Feed Automatically Updates Widget Note: This widget can be shared anywhere on the Internet and can be easily redesigned or adjusted.

24 24 GovDelivery Widget Capability Step 3: Stakeholder Views Content Online Integrated subscription capability to build subscriber base Integrated sharing capability promotes reposting to social media

25 25 Web 2.0 Information Sharing Check this link:

26 26 GovDelivery Overview Government to citizen communication 98% Deliverability to inboxes 98% Deliverability GovDelivery Subscriber Import GovDelivery Message Analytics Copy and paste HTML or use the GovDelivery Newsletter Editor File Resources Unique From Name / Email Address Scheduled Sending Test Messages and Preview Filter based on Questions Share this Email – Discuss this Email Blog

27 27 Getting Started

28 City Questions?

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