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ANIMAL WELFARE ELISTA Education 2011. The Five Freedoms & Anthrozoology.

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2 The Five Freedoms & Anthrozoology

3 Last month… What is welfare? Well-being/Being well Anthropomorphism Perceptions & Opinions: Animal Welfare –Personality –Experience –Knowledge –Gender –Religion & Culture –Environment

4 Nature vs Nurture Evolution Taxonomy Natural Selection Domestication

5 The Five Freedoms 5 essential requirements for ALL animals. Provision of the 5 freedoms is allowing for the underlying needs of an animal. The Five Freedoms are now most commonly associated with UFAW (Universities Federation for Animal Welfare), but were originally produced from initial guideline from the Farm Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (est. 1967, later to become the Farm Animal Welfare Council in 1979) which recommended animals require the freedoms to:Farm Animal Welfare Council "stand up, lie down, turn around, groom themselves and stretch their limbs ”

6 1 Freedom from Hunger & Thirst

7 2 Freedom from Pain, Injury & Disease

8 3 Freedom from Fear & Distress

9 4 Freedom from Discomfort

10 5 Freedom to Exhibit Normal Behaviour

11 Evaluating 5 Freedoms Freedom from Hunger and Thirst Optimal Welfare No provision of Freedom Good quality balanced diet appropriate to specie and life stage Clean fresh water available at all times Mechanism of provision Dehydrated Starved Malnourished Poor quality/less appropriate food Doing little harm, but little good Potentially prevent freedom from pain, injury and disease

12 Evaluating 5 Freedoms Freedom from Hunger and Thirst Optimal Welfare No provision of Freedom Over provision of Freedom Freedom from Pain, Injury & Disease? Freedom to exhibit normal behaviour?

13 Slides of Images where freedoms not provided

14 Ignorance Space/Time/Money Experience/Observation Psychological/Sociological issue Why might we not provide the five freedoms to animals?

15 Ignorance Not doing research Trusting industry Not getting from responsible breeder Not educating themselves

16 Space, Time, Money Changes in personal circumstances: Move of House New Job Loss of Job Illness in Family Using animals for economic gain

17 Experience/Observation Have seen others do it…think it is ok! TV Internet First Hand

18 Psychological/Sociological Personality Personal Experience Emotional Stressors (Illness, Grieve) Peer pressure Experimental In appropriate relations Abuse sufferers Religion or culture Trying to do good! Animal Exploitation (for social gain)

19 What is not providing the five freedoms for animals? CRUELTY? “The deliberate and malicious infliction of mental or physical pain upon persons or animals.” “the infliction of physical pain or death upon an animal, when unnecessary for disciplinary, instructional, or humanitarian purposes, such as the release of the animal from incurable illness.”

20 How cruel? Animals in Circuses Dog Racing Horse Racing Bull Fighting Farming Vivisection Pet Keeping Physical Abuse Hunting Dog Fighting Neutering Tail docking Breeding Fishing Horse Riding Dog Training

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