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Picture goes here with 4pt white border Working animals of the world.

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1 Picture goes here with 4pt white border Working animals of the world

2 What is a working animal? Can you think of any animals that work? What sort of jobs do they do? Have you seen a working animal before? Where were they working? In the UK or abroad? Make a list of working animals:

3 Police dog, Police horse, sniffer dogs, search and rescue dogs, guide dogs. Army horses, land-mine detection rats, laboratory animals, homing pigeons. Riding horses at stables, donkeys at the beach, animals used in displays (birds of prey). Donkeys, mules, horses, cattle and camels that carry, pull and drag heavy loads. Hearing dogs, pets as therapy dogs, gun dogs, circus animals, zoo animals, race horses and greyhounds. Have a look at this list and with your partner decide if you think all of these animals are working animals.

4 What working animal is this? What do they do? Photograph courtesy of They work with people who are visually impaired. The Guide Dog is trained to lead the visually impaired person around obstacles. This is a Guide Dog.

5 Have you ever seen one of these working animals before? This is an animals as therapy working dog. These animals visit people such as those in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and people with learning difficulties. Photograph courtesy of They provide affection and comfort.

6 So what is a working animal? A working animal is an animal kept by humans that has been trained to do a specific job. Photograph courtesy of /

7 What do working animals need to be healthy? 1. Animals need access to fresh water and a suitable diet that will keep them healthy 2. Animals need adequate shelter and somewhere comfortable to rest 3. Animals need access to veterinary treatment but also steps should be taken to prevent pain, injury or disease 4. Animals need company of other animals of their own kind, enough space and proper facilities so they can behave in a natural way 5. Animals need to be kept in conditions that mean they will not suffer and need to be treated in a way that does not frighten them or distress them We can use ‘the five welfare needs’ to help us work it out.

8 What might a working animal want? A comfy soft bed? A carrot or some food as a special treat? To roll in some mud or soft ground?

9 Working life What happens when somebody has a job? They normally get paid for the work that they do. If they were to be hurt at work somebody would help them and take them to the doctor or hospital. People also pay money to a pension which gives them money to help them when they are too old to work.

10 What about when animals have jobs? Now think about the animals. Do they get paid for their job? Does someone look after them when they are too old to work? If they are hurt does someone take them to a vet?

11 Most of the working animals in this country are very well looked after, they stay with their families when they are too old to work and if they are ever hurt their owners would take them to a vet.

12 Do you think this happens for the working animals in other, poorer countries? What do you think happens to them? Why do you think they are not taken to a vet or looked after when they are old? Would people live near enough to a town to visit a vet? Would they have enough money to look after an animal if the animal could not work? How would the owners get any money if they could not use the animal to help them work?

13 Are there ways that you can help? By telling people about working animals-you are all now experts on them! Many people do not know how many working animals there are and what they do. By being careful around working animals. It is important you do not distract them from their work, always ask the owner first if you can say hello.

14 If you see a working animal on holiday... When going on your animal trek, tour or ride, follow the Holiday Hooves Guide and remember our top tips: S elect an animal that looks and appears fit and in a good condition. P ay a fair price for the ride, trek or tour. A void animals that have wounds around the mouth, saddle, harness or noseband. N ever ride an animal whose legs have been excessively tied with hobbles or tethers. A ssess your weight and size when choosing an animal.

15 SPANA is the charity for the working animals of the world. We work in some of the poorest countries in the world caring for horses, donkeys and other animals. SPANA treats almost 400,000 working animals a year, that’s over 1,000 animals every day. Working animals play such a vital role in the lives of poor families. So when an animal can’t work, entire families struggle. That’s why SPANA’s free veterinary care is life- saving for people too. SPANA also helps to educate current owners and the next generation of owners. Over 700 schools visit SPANA Educational Centres every year.

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