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New Zealand Rodeo Has it gone beyond entertaining? Sara Hilhorst.

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1 New Zealand Rodeo Has it gone beyond entertaining? Sara Hilhorst

2 Seminar Objectives: ● To explore the issues surrounding ethical problems using animal welfare within rodeo as an example ● To discuss issues within rodeo

3 Ethics: ● Moral principles, rules and standards of conduct

4 History ● Originated from farming practices in the US over 200 years. ● Initially were displays of bravery, tackling untamed wild beasts ● Over time developed into a sport an entertainment event

5 Five freedoms ● Freedom from thirst/hunger ● Freedom from environmental discomfort ● Freedom from injury ● Freedom to behave normally ● Freedom from fear and distress

6 Freedom from thirst/hunger ● Animals are always supplied with fresh water and generally get sufficient hay. Hay/grass intake may be limited to reduce onsets of any digestive problems which may arise if overfed before strenuos exercise. ● E.g Colic

7 Freedom from environmental discomfort ● Animals yarded to keep from harm, however they are exposed to loud noises/lighting which may stress them. Animals may be crowded. ● Rodeo horses are valuable and are covered if needed to keep warm and dry ● Animals may be exposed to excessive dust but not for prolonged periods of time so shouldnt cause any issues

8 Freedom from injury ● Animals are not deliberately injured but may cause harm to themselves as they are under pressure and their bodies arent designed to withstand constant bucking or acts inflicted on them, e.g, tying calf quickly. ● If any animals are hurt a vet is always on site and attends to the animal immediately ● Animals may injure themselves in starting pen

9 Freedom to behave normally ● Animals generaly overcrowded so arent able to move around freely. This can lead to fights within herds. ● Animals were not designed to be rodeo animals so naturally the behaviour we encourage from them at an event is not normal, causing stress and injury.

10 Freedom from fear and distress ● Animals exposed to a large range of people, sights and sounds which are not normal to them so cause both fear and distress. ● Animals used within rodeo generally always used in rodeo so are exposed frequenty to the atmosphere. ● Animals taught about the start pen and yards prior to show ay to minimise stress

11 Pros ● A lot of misinformation spread ● Animals cared for and not deliberately harmed ● People involved are lifestock people and there is always a vet present ● Rodeo uses animal in sporting competition, as do many other sports ● Small towns dependant on annual rodeos

12 Cons ● Breach of NZ's animal welfare act ● Displays of dominance and abuse to animals ● Practices that force animals to perform ● Animals forced to perform ● Oppostie of NZ's good lifestock handling practices

13 Welfare Act ● New Zealands Animal Welface Act states (section 4) that animals should be “physically handled in a manner which minimises the liklihood of unreasonable or unnecessary pain or distress” ● Consider the following video, are rodeos a breach of the animal welfare act?


15 Now consider these pictures ● People are happy, enjoiying a day out watching. ● Horse looks happy and calf is not distressed

16 Welfare Act ● New Zealand Animal Welfare act states that “animals are not to be used for the sake of peoples entertainment” ● Is rodeo any different to equestrian sports, dog showing, dog/horse racing, the circus?

17 In conclusion...

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