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Fundraising That Never Sleeps!. I-texts is a unique program designed to allow organizations with passionate members a way to passively earn income without.

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1 Fundraising That Never Sleeps!

2 I-texts is a unique program designed to allow organizations with passionate members a way to passively earn income without any financial cost to them.

3 The program allows everyone who is able to receive text messages an opportunity to generate revenue for their favorite group, school, church, foundation, or organization.

4  Your I-texts ad-messaging platform provides a powerful medium for advertisers to reach your members and supporters quickly & efficiently, thereby generating additional passive revenue!  Advertisers are able, through the I-texts platform, to send text ad messages to your members that have opted in through your platform.  Revenue is generated by providing a safe and efficient platform for the advertisers to send text advertisements to your members. You receive 20% of text premium for every text offer they send your members.

5  How does your organization make money? It’s fairly simple.  Promote the program to your members and followers utilizing the customized 11 point member enrollment plan.  Your members register to receive text advertisements. No more than 3 per day.  Your organization receives 20% of the text cost per ad sent to your members. If you had 1,000 members all receiving just 1 text a day 5 days a week your organization could earn an extra $800 per month based on a 20 cent text.  Your organization is providing a value added benefit for it’s members as well as adding to its’ top line revenues.

6 This fundraising, once members have enrolled, provides passive revenue. With each text ad your member receives a generous fee is provided to you. When your members enroll they do so to help themselves and you. When your members opt in to receive text ads through your I-text platform, they will be receiving value added offers. Many of these offers ultimately will be exclusive to them because they are part of your organization. You, as well as your members receive deals, discounts and information on family appropriate products & services largely based on the preferences checked off when enrolling. Last year, $158 billion dollars was spent on advertising in the USA alone. These same advertisers are eager to spend their advertising dollars in the mobile market and could easily be reaching out to your members.

7 They are supporting your organization or cause without obligation to make a purchase. They won’t even have to open the text message for your organization to earn a percentage of the advertising fee. Of course, if they don’t open…they could miss out on great deals. Participants can choose to enter the I-texts sponsored drawings where they can win cash & great prizes every time a text ad message is sent. There is no cost to participate in the drawings. All rules and regulations are posted on the I-texts website. Members have complete control of their participation with I- texts and can opt out at anytime. I-texts wishes to earn their trust by helping them receive great deals on products & services. Member information is used only to support your organization. I-texts requests only basic contact information along with selected preferences on the type of ads they want to receive. Member information is secured in dedicated servers protected by the highest level security program available through the I-texts program.

8 The future of fundraising is here… Today!


10 We are glad you asked. The simple fact is, your earnings will depend on several factors, some of which are: 1)How many supporters your organization has 2)How efficiently the program is promoted 3)The members willingness to participate 4)If the members will be promoting to their family, friends and associates 5)The specific text ad rate the advertisers agree to pay 6)If advertisers choose to send ads to members within your organization when they run a query. There are no guarantees of earnings, however… We DO guarantee your organization will earn: 20% of the text ad rate x the number of participants x the number of texts ads sent per week to the members in your organization. (see next slide for examples)

11 The example below illustrates the potential funds an organization can raise using the I-texts fundraising program. The more supporters you have, the more your organization has the ability to earn. Example based on the following assumptions: 1)5,000 members agree to participate and all members are selected by various advertisers 2)20% of ad rate paid by advertisers is paid to organization from I-texts 3)$.20 ad rate (average…can be more or less) 4)1 text ad per day sent out 5 days per week from various advertisers: 5,000 x 5 days = 25,000 texts 20% of $.20 = $.04 per text $.04 x 25,000 texts ads = $1,000.00 per week Want to make more? Call it the “Family & Friends” fundraiser Ask each supporter to get 5 more people to help support. Now your weekly revenue has the potential to increase to $6,000.00 per week

12 Partial List of Companies You Recognize - Partners With I-Texts!

13 Google Partners With I-Texts Google has also partnered with us to donate money to you. Chances are you use these ”Search Engines” daily. By signing up your organization with us, you, your supporters and donors will now help your organization. I-Texts will have an app available for subscribers which will allow the subscribers smart phone or tablet to be identified when they are surfing Google. This averages out about $.50 a click!

14 Step 1 Create an Account Step 2 Make an Announcement Step 3 Watch it Grow Step 4 Cash your Checks Fill out our ridiculously simple form to create your "Group" account. It's quick and painless. Tell your supporters about your new campaign. We'll give you easy ways for them to opt in, and even provide educational materials, instructional videos, and a custom group webpage. Login to your account and watch your campaign grow in. You can view how many people have opted in, how much money you've raised, and what you're next payout is. We will send you a report with all the revenue producing activity for your organization along with a check!

15  Your I-texts platform will have a comprehensive member enrollment & marketing plan developed by I-texts staff. Some items of the plan are:  Member enrollment promotion:  We create ads in a variety of sizes for use in your publications  Banner ads are created for your website’s homepage  Provide SMS Message and Link to Drive enrollment  “Support XYZ Nurses Association. Click for more information”  Awareness:  We assist you in reaching out to your members twice a month via email to create awareness and excitement for your I-texts platform  Access:  We want to be part of all marketing opportunities including speaking at your major events and participating in your outbound marketing efforts  Our sales staff will call advertisers who are interested in reaching out to your members through the I-texts platform.

16 These are placed on your organizations homepage to: Help draw attention of members to your I-texts platform Provide quick and easy access to the enrollment page Spice up your homepage with some graphical content

17 Enroll By Phone Enroll Online

18  Your I-text member Enrollment page is provided at no cost to you.  It Contains your Logo, and any customized text and links you wish to provide  This is where you will log in as an administrator to see your member stats and revenue  When your member enters their cell number this will start the enrollment process…

19  Once they enter their number on your groups landing page and hit submit they will be taken to this page to complete their basic information.  After completing this page they will be taken to the next page where they can select their preferences.

20  Here is where your members let the advertisers learn their preferences.  Your member can log back in at anytime to change their preferences

21  This is the final confirmation page your member receives.  They will also receive an email with the same information

22  If you are ready we can have your platform set up in about 48 hours from receiving the agreements.  This decision is important and yet very simple and straight forward… “Would you like to safely and without risk provide a value added benefit to your members and increase the topline revenue for your organization?”  If you answered yes then welcome aboard. We will email you the contracts and as soon as we get them back we will set up your site, assist you in promoting your new platform to your members and start reaching out to advertisers that want to send offers and promotions to your valuable members.

23 Contact Please take a few minutes and contact the area representative listed below who can answer any questions you may have and will assist you in setting up your I-texts platform: THE ULTIMATE FUNDRAISER Independent Representative Kenneth Austin Ph: (657) 222-7400

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