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1 This is a presentation to help individuals working for charities explain ‘JustTextGiving by Vodafone’ to others within their charitable organisation.

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1 1 This is a presentation to help individuals working for charities explain ‘JustTextGiving by Vodafone’ to others within their charitable organisation. It can be tailored as much as you like to the audience or purpose of the presentation. There are brief speaker notes containing back-up explanations – these can be viewed in the ‘notes pane’. You can print these by selecting ’notes page’ from the ‘print what’ option There is extra content in the appendix which can be used to refer to, or as part of the main presentation. Delete this slide before circulating or presenting.

2 Fundraising will never be the same again

3 3 Overview Fundraising recap A new way of fundraising JustTextGiving by Vodafone Reasons to give it a go How could we use it? How do we sign up?

4 4 Fundraising recap The economic context means raising funds is challenging At the same time fundraising methods are changing –People carry less cash due to credit & debit cards –Cheques will be phased out in 2-3 years –New, more efficient, digital routes have emerged Our current fundraising position: –Continue with a brief explanation of your charities current fundraising position –You could mention required income to cover expenditure –Or success/challenges, past or future New methods will help meet our fundraising challenges

5 5 A new way to fundraise… Technology now exists for donations to charity to be made by text message Text message donations have proven potential –Spontaneous – no need to be near a collection tin or a PC –89% of 16-65 year olds have a mobile phone –Bigger charities (e.g. Comic Relief) have raised millions via text already But take up has so far been limited to the biggest charities: –Cost to set up & run –Awareness –A lack of time or understanding of how to set up Text donations have huge potential

6 6 JustTextGiving by Vodafone A new way of raising money for charities no matter how big or small Donations can now be made with just a simple text message Service can be used by people on every mobile network It’s completely free to set up and run Our charity gets every penny of donations A partnership between Vodafone and JustGiving It’s a simple way to raise money – just 3 steps Can be used alongside other methods Fundraising will never be the same again

7 7 Our partnership JustTextGiving by Vodafone is bought to us free, thanks to an exciting partnership between Vodafone, The Vodafone Foundation, and JustGiving The Vodafone Foundation has already pioneered the use of text donation campaigns to support global disaster relief. Vodafone is now making text donations available to every UK charity for free - because they believe in investing in the communities that they operate in and using mobile technology for the benefit of all Vodafone Foundation registered charity 1089625 JustGiving created the UK's first online fundraising business. Over the past 11 years, JustGiving has changed the face of charitable giving in the UK, becoming the most used fundraising service. Charities have raised more through JustGiving than any other site, some £770m in all.

8 8 How does it work? Login & personalise a Vodafone Individual Code Share our code with supporters & donors on marketing material and at events Watch our text donations and Gift Aid mount up online Get paid by cheque or BACs For us (charities)….For donors…. Write a text message with our Vodafone Individual Code plus the donation amount (£1 to £5, or £10) Send the text to number 70070 Donation is added to mobile bill Follow the instructions to add Gift Aid and increase their donation by 25%

9 9 StickersLeaflets BannersPosters How could we use this? There’s no limits to the possible ways of marketing our code e.g. on newsletters, the web, via email or text message – at conferences, events or meetings. Vodafone has also created a marketing support pack which contains materials for us to download & print for free: Vodafone offers support for new fundraising possibilities

10 How does it work? – an example A Swindon Primary School PTA is fundraising for new playground equipment They call and set up a free JustTextGiving account and get login details They login and personalise their Vodafone Individual Charity code to SCHO01 The school sends a message via their newsletter appealing for £5 donations Parents text the code and give an extra 25% (i.e. £1.25) via Gift Aid Swindon Primary School regularly logs into their account to see donations The school gets paid by cheque, or BACs if they have given their bank account New equipment for Swindon Primary Text SCHO01 £5 to 70070 to donate now

11 11 Reasons to give it a go Free with no set up cost, no fee to run & our charity gets every penny New alternative we can use alongside other methods Proven with big charities collecting millions in text donations alread y Simple to set up in just a few minutes with a free phone call Support pack available for free to help in marketing our code Gift Aid adds 25% to every donation where it’s given

12 12 How do we get started? We can register for a ‘JustTextGiving by Vodafone’ account with one free phone call (charities currently registered with JustGiving simply log into their charity accounts) Find out more by visiting the website 0800 007 5103 to take part

13 13 Appendix

14 14 Questions Is this just for Vodafone customers? No. Every charity, fundraiser and donor in the UK, regardless of their mobile network, can use JustTextGiving by Vodafone. Are there any hidden costs? No. There are no costs to set up or run and our charity gets every penny of donations made. How do we get our donations paid? We can get donations paid by cheque on a quarterly basis or monthly by BACs if we register our bank account with JustGiving. How is Gift Aid handled? Gift Aid lets us benefit from 25% more, where a donor declares Gift Aid via their mobile. All this is handled automatically for us and we’ll get Gift Aid paid to us with our donations. What is a Vodafone Individual Code (VIC)? This is the 6 digit code that is individual to each charity (e.g. CANC11). It’s always 4 letters and 2 numbers. It lets Vodafone know which charity a donor is texting a donation to and it’s this code that we advertise to our donors. What number do donors send the text to? The text message (containing the Vodafone Individual Code and the donation amount), is always sent to 70070. How do we start fundraising using text? Just call to set up a free JustTextGiving account, (or simply login if we are already a JustGiving member). Then advertise our Vodafone Individual Code to supporters and watch our donations mount up!

15 15 What donors think When parents were asked what they thought of the service, and whether it would be useful helping schools raise donations, here’s what they said. …text donating makes it easy to give small amounts…. … it’s great that all the money goes to the charity …. …text donations give a lot more flexibility to fundraising events…. … it’s good to have a choice of ways to donate… …it is a simple and easy way to raise funds…. …being able to raise funds spontaneously …. could be really helpful where there is a specific need in mind….

16 Step 1 of 3 3 simple steps to get started 1. Log into our JustTextGiving account (call to get a free account)

17 2. Enter our charity short name (this is referred to in the donor confirmation text) Step 2 of 3

18 3. Finally, pick a campaign and create a Vodafone Individual Code Step 3 of 3

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